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Bible Question & Answer 聖經疑問解答

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Jacob Angel Wrestling Animated ClipartPharaoh Scared Frogs Animated ClipartJesus walking on water Animated ClipartHail of Fire and Plague Around Pharaoh Animated ClipartPharaoh Flailing Arms at Swarm of Flies Animated ClipartJesus Fallen With Cross Animated ClipartJesus Christ praying Animated ClipartPharaoh Riding Chariot Through Red Sea Animated ClipartJesus Carrying Cross Animated ClipartShepherd Leading Sheep Animated ClipartPriest Preaching at Podium Animated ClipartMan Waving Basket of Grapes Animated ClipartAngry Man with Donkey Animated ClipartJesus Shepherd Sheep Animated ClipartMan Scared of Snake Animated ClipartPerson Lying Inside the Holy Bible Animated ClipartJesus defeats the devil Animated ClipartMoses Holding Ten Commandments Tablets Animated ClipartCrucifixion Of Christ with Mary Weeping Animated ClipartSamson Breaking Pillars Animated ClipartGideon Blowing Trumpet Animated ClipartJoseph and Mary Pregnant Animated ClipartMary, Joseph, Donkey and Baby Jesus Animated ClipartUplifted hands praying Animated ClipartMary Holding Baby Jesus Animated ClipartJacob and Joseph Hugging Animated ClipartPriest Preaching Animated ClipartDavid Victorious Over Goliath Animated ClipartBible Study Text with Rolling Pencil Animated ClipartPharisee Throwing Stones Animated ClipartMoses Parting Red Sea Animated ClipartJesus Resisting Satan Animated ClipartArmor of God man flaming missile Animated ClipartNoah's Ark bobbing in the water Animated ClipartStone Hammering Nail into Cross Animated ClipartTwo Christian Chalices Glinting Animated ClipartNoah's Ark Rocking Animated ClipartMoses Raising Hands Animated ClipartJesus Christ's Wounds Animated ClipartJesus Christ resurrecting from tomb Animated ClipartMan Blowing Ram Horn Animated ClipartShepherd Walking with Staff Animated ClipartHands Praying with Cross Animated ClipartChurch doors open Animated ClipartJoseph Walking Mary Riding Donkey Animated ClipartAdam and Eve in Garden of Eden Animated ClipartTeenage Boy Praying Animated ClipartHammer Driving Spikes into Sin Animated ClipartJesus Offering Wine Bread Animated ClipartAngel Visiting Virgin Mary Animated ClipartMary Kneeling and Praying Animated ClipartAngel Holding Sword Animated ClipartAngel Flying with Sword Animated ClipartJesus Christ stomping on snake Animated ClipartSnake Approaching Adam and Eve Animated ClipartSerpent Searching For Adam Eve Animated ClipartDaniel Praying in Lion Den Animated ClipartDavid Versus Goliath Animated ClipartBasket with Food Animated ClipartTower Of Babel Planning Animated ClipartSamson Wrestling Lion Animated ClipartGold Communion Cup Glowing Animated ClipartArmor Of God Man Standing Guard Animated ClipartVirgin Mary with baby Jesus Animated Clipart
He is Risen text with Jesus Christ Animated ClipartAngel Walking with Young Girl Animated ClipartHeavens Gate Bouncing in Cloud Animated ClipartWhale Swallowing Jonah Animated Clipart
Angry Shepherd Grabbing Reins of Donkey Animated ClipartEve Eating The Forbidden Fruit Animated ClipartJesus Christ riding donkey Animated ClipartJesus Christ kneeling and praying Animated ClipartWoman Carrying Clay Jar Animated ClipartJesus Christ Resurrecting Lazarus Animated ClipartDove Appearing from Crown Animated ClipartShepherd Petting Sheep Animated ClipartRobed Woman Walking Animated ClipartArmor of God Animated ClipartJesus Offering Fish and Bread Animated ClipartJesus Sermon Animated ClipartMoses Kneeling and Praising God Animated ClipartPriest Serving Communion Animated ClipartMan Lighting Menorah Animated ClipartGod Is Love Text on Heart Animated ClipartReverend Praying and Crossing Himself Animated ClipartCrown of Thorns Glowing on Cross Animated ClipartJesus Helping Man Carry Cross Animated ClipartDaniel Praying Animated ClipartGlowing Gold Communion Cup Animated ClipartCross Wrapped in Vine Gleaming Animated ClipartWoman praying before breakfast Animated ClipartMan standing at altar with priest Animated ClipartBible Study Text Appearing Over Bibles Animated ClipartPriest speaking at wedding ceremony Animated ClipartWhale Spouting Jonah Animated ClipartMoses Holding Ten Commandments Tablets Animated Clipart
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How to Pray Video Series1-7

Stephen Tong 唐崇榮   國語 & English    Christian completely?基督徒的完全?     Hallelujah behind the story ?哈利路亞背後的故事?    天上沒有衛理公會的會友?    我是神嗎? Am I God? 根據聖經地球只有幾千年歷史, 這不是與科學相衝突了嗎?   上帝是怎麼樣產生出來的? How could God be born?    Real truth is no need to prove?真理是無需證明?   Why I believe an invisible God?我憑甚麼去信看不見的上帝? | 我想信基督教, 但怕家人反對怎麼辦?   到底有沒有世界末日? Is the world really going to end?    為什麼上帝不消滅魔鬼? Why didn't God destroy Satan?     聖經為什麼沒有記載恐龍的存在? | 其他宗教也是起源自上帝嗎?Why Bible no record the existence of dinosaurs?   其他宗教也是起源自上帝嗎? (下)Do all religions originated from God's revelation?   你怎麼看有小孩子被殺害這樣的事發生?How can God allow suffering?   What is the biggest difference between Buddhism and Christianity? 佛教與基督教最大的差異在哪裡? | 所有宗教教主都是神差來的嗎?    那些已死去又沒有聽過福音的人怎麼辦呢? | 只有信耶穌才能得救不是太不公平了嗎? Those who have died and were never heard the gospel how to do?   複製人是不是也有靈魂? Do cloned people have souls too?   馬利亞受聖靈感孕生下耶穌不是天大的神話嗎? Isn't the virgin birth of Jesus a joke?    Christians have to suffer in order to Mature?基督徒必須受苦才能成熟嗎? | 一個人可以因為怕下地獄而信神嗎?    若神是愛, 為何祂容許有殘疾的嬰孩? | 若耶穌及門徒們是真實的歷史人物的話, 為什麼歷史書中沒有提及? If God is love, why did He allow disabled baby?    上帝既知亞當夏娃會犯罪, 為什麼還要造人? | 若上帝是愛, 為什麼t祂要造地獄? | 有沒有外星人? 若有的話聖經還可信的嗎? God know Adam and Eve to commit a crime, why build them?   動物也有靈魂嗎? Do Animals Have Souls?    無所不能的上帝能造一個祂搬不動的石頭嗎? | 我是基督徒, 但我恨我父親 All-powerful God be able to build a stone He can not even move do?    I am a Christian, but I hate my father我是基督徒, 但我恨我父親    只有一個天堂嗎? 一個只給基督徒的天堂? Is there only one heaven for Christians only?   我為什麼需要上帝?Why do I need God in my life?    我怎麼知道耶穌是唯一的道路? How do I know Jesus is the only way?   天主教跟基督教差別在哪? What is the difference between Catholics and Protestants?    你沒辦法舉出一個上帝存在的證明 ! You Cannot Give Me a Single Proof That God Exists !    上帝存在的明證 ! The Proof of God's Existence !    聖經中哪有提到三位一體? 我們信的上帝到底是一位還是三位? Is our God the only God or Trinity?     地獄是甚麼? What is the definition of Hell?    天災人禍如何解釋? How do Christians explain human sufferings and natural disasters?     進天國這窄門 | 殺動物只為填飽肚子有罪嗎? Is it a sin to kill animals for food?    基督教是伊斯蘭教的一部份嗎? Is Christianity part of Islam?    回教徒如何看待聖經? What are the Muslims views of the Bible?   靈恩教會危險之處! The Dangers of Charismatic movement     從未聽過福音的人會得救嗎? | 李洪志的末世論是怎樣的? | 怎樣說服無神論者? Had never heard the gospel will be saved?    道本身是佛? Truth itself is Buddha?   佛教, 道教, 伊斯蘭教, 為什麼要基督教? Buddhism, Islam, Taoism, why Christianity?    不拜孔子就不是中國人!! | 基督徒犯罪可以不斷地得到赦免, 那不就可不停地犯罪? Christians can continue to be pardoned criminal, that can be kept without crime?    良善的上帝為什麼允許罪惡存在? How can a good God allow evil to exist?     很多事物,現象都可用因果或進化論來解釋? | 離不開同性戀怎麼辦? Inseparable from the homosexuality how to do?    Pre-marital sex how to do?婚前性行為怎麼辦? | 基督徒可否吃血?    The infant mortality will be saved?夭折的嬰孩會不會得救? | 要如何才能蒙主憐憫? | 家人還未信主該怎麼做? (上)     家人還未信主該怎麼做? (下) | 魔鬼的權柄在哪裡? Where is devil formal levers of power ?     如何帶領小組? | 基督徒的死是上帝的旨意嗎? | 基督徒會被鬼附嗎? (上)Christian's death is God's Wishes do?    基督徒會被鬼附嗎? (下) | 聖經中的鹽和光的差別在哪裡? Christians will be demon possessed?    罪會被追討至三, 四代嗎? | 釋迦牟尼及穆罕默德也得到神的啟示嗎? Crime will be recovery To three, four generations do?    聖父, 聖子為什麼以父子相稱? | 末日有復活嗎? | 為什麼大衛點兵丁得罪上帝? Resurrection will come in end day?   歸正福音運動 Reformed Evangelical Movement    在使徒行傳中向聖靈撒謊立即被處死, 為什麼今天這種刑罰不再? In the Acts of the Apostles lied to the Holy Spirit immediately be put to death, why such a penalty is no longer today?     若信道只能是從聽道而來的話, 那麼血漏婦人的信心從哪來? 基督徒可以修哲學嗎? If faith only from sermons from the case, then the woman's confidence in the leakage of blood come from?     "信心的跳越" 是否符合聖經的教訓? "Confidence jump" is consistent with the Bible lesson?      如何回應尼采所說的 "基督教是弱者的宗教"? How to respond to Nietzsche called "Christianity is the religion of the weak"?     甚麼是上帝的呼召? What is God's calling?    怎麼確定後人無誤地制訂了66卷聖經正典? | 請解釋創世紀第三章23-24節 | 在事奉主之前是否該禁食禱告? How to determine formulate a correct volume of 66 Biblical Canon?       怎樣才能得到屬天的福氣及智慧來做好聖工呢? How can we get fortune from heaven and wisdom to be a holy workers?     你對異夢和異象有何看法?What is your view of different dreams and visions? 十一奉獻該奉獻給誰?    如何去明白加爾文主義的 '一次得救, 永遠得救' ?How to understand the Calvinistic 'once saved, always saved'?    英美法的民主制哪一個較靠近聖經? English United States and France a more democratic system of which close to the Bible?     為什麼妓女喇哈撒謊上帝仍賜福於她? Why prostitute Rahab lied and still blessed in God?    聖經說 ''你叫他比天使微小一點' 是甚麼意思? The Bible says you call him''a little more than an angel small 'What does it mean?    亞當和夏娃是不是人類的第一對夫婦? Adam and Eve is the first human couple?    肉身的死亡是不是犯罪後的結果? The death of flesh is not the result after committing a crime?   信主是我們各人運用自由意志的結果嗎? Believe God is that from our freedom will result?     Stephen Tong 唐崇榮 : 信而受洗的意義是甚麼? What is the meaning of believes & baptized?     為什麼聖經有記載耶穌哭了, 但沒記載耶穌笑了? Why is the Bible, Jesus cried recorded, but no record of Jesus laugh? 該怎麼趕鬼? 趕到哪裡去?        面對回教徒, 我們應當如何維護耶穌的神性?The face of Muslims, we should be how to maintain the divinity of Jesus?     世界被造之前有些什麼? What's before the world was created ?      聖經有沒有記載恐龍? 人類跟恐龍是不是曾同時存在過? | 當人回到天家以後, 人與人之間的關係將會是怎樣的? The Bible, there is no record of dinosaurs?     新加坡政府要建賭場, 你有甚麼看法? Singapore government to build the casino, what is your thinking?     請解釋箴言書第二十六章 4至5 節 | 為什麼上帝在我們出生前就為我們預備了道路? 那我們人生努力有什麼用? Why did God before we were born to prepare our way?      如何明白神的旨意與人的自由意志之間的關係? | 無所不能的聖靈還有擔憂的事情嗎? How do I know the relationship between God's will and human free will ?     若神是萬能的話, 為什麼祂容許壞人亨通, 好人受苦? If God is omnipotent, then why did He allow bad have good living, good people suffer?     早期教會的孟他奴主義跟現在的靈恩運動有何相似之處? Montanus the early church doctrine with the current charismatic movement of the similarities?    Stephen Tong 唐崇榮 : 施比受更為有福 用在奉獻上是不是正確的? Give better than receive, is that can apply to church offering?      所有宗教都是殊途同歸嗎? Do all religions are the same way to Rome?    請問跟據聖經, 宇宙的年歲有多少? According to the Bible,how much the age of the universe ?                   /    Stephen Tong 唐崇榮   國語 & 粵語   廢掉律法不就是廢去神的話嗎? | 甚麼是敬拜? (上)    甚麼是敬拜? (下) | 在教會可以用電子樂器及跳舞嗎? (上)    上帝為什麼造天地萬物? | 公義的上帝為什麼要造會犯罪的人?     信與不信的人, 生命價值有何不同? | 對有軟弱的基督徒, 該如何應對?     以老子的道對質聖經的道可以嗎?    人心中至善至美的理想與尋求上帝的渴望一樣嗎? | 怎樣才能愛仇敵?   /      Stephen Tong 唐崇榮   國語    將來在天上是否還有年齡之分呢? | 印尼發生的宗教迫害, 基督徒可以有何盼望呢? | 我有良好品德但不是基督徒, 你有何建議?     手淫有罪嗎? | 如何證明聖經是上帝的話? | 順服神還是順服父母?      宗教會不會成為愛情的障礙? | 愛情的力量會不會大過宗教的力量?     信道是從聽道而來?    為什麼基督教有那麼多宗派?    天上是否有很多神? 或是只有一位神?     人既有神的形象但為何有些人會有先天的殘缺? | 我想向回教徒傳福音?     人既有神的形象但為何有些人會有先天的殘缺? | 我想向回教徒傳福音?    上帝把人下到地獄裡不是太殘忍了嗎?     所有宗教都是一樣的?    中國人不能相信猶太人宗教?    我感到人生的失落空虛 ?     基督徒可以相信十二星座嗎?    偉大的心靈是人人都有的嗎?    在福音傳開之前, 人沒有機會聽到福音是神所願的嗎?    基督徒對投資股市應有甚麼心態?     若有位重生得救的基督徒還來不及認罪就死了會怎樣?      一個很成功的人還有甚麼是值得他追求的呢?      如何過一個有意義, 有目標的生活?   最頂尖的飛機設計公司!    最偉大的音樂:韓德爾的神曲「彌賽亞」   信耶穌才得救?這樣霸道!   /   程蒙恩长老  國語   基督教和天主教有何分别?A-C   该如何祷告 ? A-F    认识神 A-F     归向神 A-F     跟从主 A-C  /          / Enoch Lam 林以諾牧師 粵語  霸道?教会很闷?    基督徒不敬?耶稣显现?    有苦难就没有上帝?    男人和女人是什麼的不同?    如此糟糕基督教徒, 也可以上天堂?    知道與不知道 ?   Yeah show  /   梁永善牧師  粵語   對你來說什麼是靈修呢? 在繁忙世代中的你,有什麼方法來保持與神親近呢? 三分鐘的時間怎樣可以幫助你?    甚麼是福?                        /      

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