alvita Teas

It was 1922. A time of flagpole sitting and dance marathons. In other words, the Roaring Twenties. But in Pasadena,California, the only roar to be heard was that of boiling water rushing into a cup of herbal tea.

You see, the Alvita Tea Company was brewed into existence in Pasadena seventy-five years ago. We were a small company back then, spreading the herbal tea gospel in an era when Americans were more interested in martinis than mullein.

Today, a full three-quarters of a century later, we take pride in the fact that we have played some small role in introducing Americans to the richness and wonders of herbal teas. Millions of Americans have made herbal teas a part of their lives, turning to them for good taste, comfort and relaxation.

Now, Alvita has introduced an entirely new line of teas. It's called Remeteas, a portfolio of ancient and modern blends culled from the four corners of the tea-producing globe. Each Remetea has a very specific mission- to help support our body and soul, addressing the ills that afflict mankind and womankind.
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