Crock-pot Ginger Oil

By Ananda Wilson of Amrita Apothecary
Fresh Ginger oil is one of the hardest infused oils to make, as any herbalist will remind us of how quickly it becomes a disastrous rotten mess. But with the magic of a crock pot and a little patience, this heartwarming, inexpensive oil can be treasured by anyone. The key is to leave the top open or half off and allow the moisture to escape.


2 cups fresh ginger
root, cut into chunks.

3 1/2 cups XV Olive oil or Jojoba oil


Place ginger into crock-pot on lowest setting, or low alternate heat setting.

Cover with the Oil.

Leave on for two days with monitoring as not to boil or burn the oil.

*The cover should be left ajar to allow the evaporation of water from the ginger root.

Decant and strain your oil.

Let your oil sit in a clear mason jar for a day, and you may see some additional water - oil separation.

Separate them by carefully pouring off the oil from the water, or by siphoning out with a clean turkey baster.

Be sure to complete your oil so that it has no remaining water content ~ it will take some patience but is well worth it.

You will NOT have the same glorious results by using dry root or the essential oil.

What to do with your ginger oil?

~Treat your cold feet to the warm protection and circulatory pump of ginger oil before you put your boots on for winter shoveling.

~Rub onto your womb for supreme moon~time comfort.

~Massage into stiff aching joints from dryness, fatigue, or arthritis.

~Rub into sore muscles before or after athletics.

~Add to a bath full of hot water and epsom salts.

~Add it to a tamari salad dressing!

~Give it away to an aching elder.

~Make a ginger-eucalyptus chest rub salve.

~Massage congested breast tissue and lymph glands.

~Mix it with half glycerin for a very warm and erotic love lubricant!

Warm toes and happy nose to all!

Ananda Wilson is a renowned herbalist and aroma-ist extrordinairre! For more exquisite recipes and tempting creations please visit

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