Are you trained for your position according to the BSA?  You can see a record of your training on  
Directions:  After you log in, click Home then My Dashboard  (top left drop down menu) then Completions (horizontal bar across the top of the dashboard).  You will see your position title (or more than one if you have multiple positions) along with the training required for your position.  If you meet all training requirements, a small trained emblem will appear next to the position title.
Click Here  to go to

To Report Errors in My Training Record  
For errors in records regarding courses you completed in person or courses you completed outside of our council, contact the Council Service Center or Training Committee.  Explain when you took the training and at what location.

All Online Training except COR is verified and recorded by  For questions about online course completion, contact the Member Care Center at 972-580-2489 or 

Chartered Organization Representative Training completed online is verified by completing the web form at the end of the training or by viewing a DVD or file on USB drive for those without internet access.  Those without internet must submit a paper copy of  the verification form.   Contact the Training Committee or the Council Service Center for errors or questions.

Disable Pop-ups to take Online Training
The new Cub Scout training site uses pop-up windows.  If you have pop-up blockers on (the recommended setting), you will get an error message.  To disable pop-ups, use the directions for the browser you are using.  These directions are found at

Directions::  After you log into to,
click Home then My Dashboard  (top left drop down menu) 
You will be taken to the YPT. page 
To take Fast Start, Click Training Center and  then your Program's Tab.
Take Chartered Organization Representative Training
Watch the videos on Youtube.  Follow the web link at the end to the feedback form to have your training recorded.

Cub Scout Leader Position Training
To log in directly here, you need a my.scouting account first.  Log into if you do not already have or know your account info.
A printable Instruction Sheet for using the new Cub Training Program (ScoutingU)

Take Troop Committee Challenge Training
Directions:  After you log into to, click Home then My Dashboard  (top left drop down menu)   You will be taken to the YPT at first (across the top bar of the dashboard). Select Training Center and the  Boy Scouting tab.

Take District Committee Challenge Training
Watch the Overview video on Youtube followed by at least one video related to the work you perform (or will likely perform) for the district committee. Follow the link to submit the online feedback form to report your training.

Take Health and Safety and Other Training
Directions:  After you log into to, click Home then My Dashboard  (top left drop down menu) You will be taken to the YPT at first (across the top bar of the dashboard).  Select Training Center and the  Other program tab.

Tutorial Video for online training including the new cubs training site

See a Schedule and Register for Training Events
Training Sessions are offered for many courses including those courses which are not available online.  We encourage leaders to attend live
training events to get to know other scouters and ask questions.  See our calendar of events and register online.