LOST Season 3 Finale


LOST Finale Running Diary
An event so big it was three years in the making...Instead of the usual Power Rankings, I just had to record a running diary of the night. The stakes for tonight's finale are up there. The season thus far has been forgettable. From the Other's village to the death of Mr. Eko, this season pretty much stinks, but the last couple of episodes are giving it some steam. The following needs to happen in order to get me psyched about the next season. Charlie MUST die, it's been a long time coming. Locke needs to turn up and kill Henry Gale and take over the Others. Some other big deaths and struggles here and there, an appearance by Desmond and Mikhail and a big cliffhanger and we'll be good for the summer.

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9:01   Enter Jack Shepard, sporting a nice beard...obviously fake like Gettysburg beards, but still cool
9:01   Headline prediction, the former Mrs. Jack is dead, maybe?
9:03   Would have been much cooler if the Oceanic pilot talking about turbulence was THE pilot, Greg Grunberg......DON'T JUMP JACK!
9:05   Jay was right about Sayid's tendency to say Jeck instead of Jack
9:06   Season 1 Pilot music when they are climbing, oh yeah...

COMMERCIAL BREAK: Sayid is willing to sacrifice himself, so he better actually die (not only because he is my guy in the death draft). It's the Survivor rule of thumb: If they are ready to go, vote them off. Sayid is ready.

9:11   Naomi's accent is really cool, but other than that, she's a pointless character
9:12   MIKHAIL!!!! the coolest of the OTHERS
9:15   "I got yer man!" That's a movie quote, I'm almost positive. Even the delivery is familiar. Anyone?

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COMMERCIAL BREAK: Nice shootin' Jin, but what a great, suspenseful scene. Interesting that the Others stormin' the beach is out of the way in 10 minutes.

Mom's 2 cents: Rose is cool. She better not die.

9:21   Hello Ex-Mrs. Jack. So she's not dead after all...whoa did anyone else see her belly? I think she's pregnant...
9:22   Chahlee is having a rare cool episode for himself. What a shocker that he is only cool when not hanging around Clayah.
9:24   Med School Dropout ruins Jin's chances at a cool way to die

COMMERCIAL BREAK: This episode needs Locke

Mom's 2 cents: That Ben is such a weasel...why is he in control? It doesn't make sense.

9:31   Kate + Sawyer = Terrible scene every time.
MIKHAIL!!!! Not that great a shot. I'm sure his eye patch and lack of depth perception contributes to his terrible aim, but he's still cool nonetheless.

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COMMERCIAL BREAK: All the cool characters are doing cool things in this episode, something that has been missing this season. Jack is leading again, Charlie is funny again, etc. Well written...

Mom's 2 cents: The fake blookd looks too fake. The two women in the hatch should be pale and depressed because of a vitamin d deficiency (no sun). Ben should die because he is a weasel and a turd, a turd that is too big to go down the commode and must be cut up into smaller pieces in the sink.

9:39   Jack = House - (wit + humor + cane)
9:43   Yeahhhhhh Jack, nice long kiss. Always remember kids, the hero (Jack) always gets the classy girl (Juliet) while the chump (Sawyer) always gets the tramp (Kate).

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MIKHAIL!!!! sans eyepatch. He may have cracked the top 5 characters, but I think he's going to die down there because how else will Chahlee be able to flip the switch.

Mom's 2 cents: Why didn't the Island heal Mikhail's eye? Kevin Costner must be desperate for cash. He can't pull of a villain.

9:51   "So, you screwin' Jack yet?"
          "No, are you?"  Juliet rules, big time. Sawyer still sucks.
9:52   Hurley is a big fat puppy. You must be a robut if you don't feel sorry for him.
9:53   L O C K E ! ! ! Yes,  it's about freakin' time. Wait, what's this....
          WALT TOO!!!!

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COMMERCIAL BREAK: I'm betting that's not really Walt, who looks dumb now. How do I know? Michael's not with him, and we would definitely hear him screamin WALLLLLT.

Mom's 2 cents: I feel bad for Hurley. He looks like he's gained a lot more weight. Juliet WILL die tonight, and Jin should die because I'm seein way too many Orientals.

10:00    Half way there, so far a good set up. Now it's time to knock em' down.
10:00   "Because I love you." Only Jack could pull that off without making it sound corny.
10:02   FLASHBACK: WHO IS DEAD!?!?! OPEN THE DAMN BOX!!!! We probably won't find out til we see a headstone.
10:03   Ooooo, Rousseau sees her kid for the first time in 16 years.

COMMERCIAL BREAK: 50 minutes left, something needs to happen!

Mom's 2 cents: Ben couldn't father anything, he's a weasel.

MIKHAIL!!!! Eye patch means business, those two girls were stupid anyway. NOOOOO!!!! R.I.P. Mikhail, nice shot by Desmond, but it's still tough to take....
10:16   Ben is an evil genius. He can spin anything.
10:17   WOW. WOW. WOWWWWWWWWW. Are they really dead? I hope yes, but I think not. It would be so great to see an immediate death like that.

COMMERCIAL BREAK: Wow. Great scene. Screw this crummy Jack flashback, we should just have island events from now on. This is the second straight Jack flashback where we don't see Christian. How is that possible?

Mom's 2 cents: They can't be dead. It's too disturbing otherwise. NOT SAYID!!

10:24   Good Vibrations. Really? REALLY? DUMB.
            "Help me tie him up."
10:27    Well they aren't dead. LAME LAME LAME.
10:28   Hugo the Hero has a Chunk-like rescue moment. And Captain Chunk says, let's get the hell outta here! As long as they don't kill Tom, I'm okay with this.
10:29   Rats.

COMMERCIAL BREAK: Action packed, I like it, but's it's too good and happy. This episode needs some despair. It's been a LOSTIE whitewash thus far. That's 10 dead Others, one defect, and one beaten to a pulp. The Losties have suffered zero casualties. We just need more Locke and I'll be okay with this.

Mom's 2 cents: Hooray for Sawyer. He sees everything in black and white. If you let them have any wiggle room, you end up getting screwed.

10:38   This flashback blows, Hurley rules.
10:41   Ooooo seeing Penny on the screen talking to Chahlee with Desmond in the other room gave me chills. I hope they get to talk!!!

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MIKHAIL!!!! You can't stop this wily Russian. NOTHING CAN...until he blows himself up. Bye Bye Chahlee.

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10:43   NOT PENNY'S BOAT. Wow, what an awesome way to go. This might erase the last 2 seasons of dumb Charlie behavior. I expected him to write "tell her I love her" or something lame like that. Great death.

COMMERCIAL BREAK: Fantastic sequence again. Who's on the boat?!?!? LOCKE still needs to kill Ben, and this might be the best episode since the beginning of season 2.

Mom's 2 cents: Nothing because her eyes were closed during the drowning.

10:48   Home stretch. I'm not sure how I feel about the helicopter shot outside of the radio station. It feels unnatural.
L O C K E ! ! ! Wow, I did not see that coming at all. AT ALL! But I thought he wasn't a killer, unless he knows that Naomi is the enemy. Oooooo. "I will kill you if I have to" I doubt it, but still cool.
10:52   Told ya.
10:53   Stupid happy moment because we know they won't be rescued for 3 more seasons. We know this, the producers know we know this, so in my mind it's useless for them to introduce more baddies when the Others are already a formidable foe.
10:55   WHOA!!! Not a crappy flashback, but a sorta cool FLASH FORWARD. Too bad I remember seeing this twist on a rumors message board. It takes away from the greatness, but still a nice touch.
10:56   Hmm, I wouldve thought a Kate death would break Jack down like that. WHO'S DEAD!!!!?!?!
10:58   Is Kate back with Mal Reynolds? Shouldn't she be in jail? Who's dead????? Too many questions....


Final thoughts: Fantastic finish, but someone other than Charlie shouldve died to give more weight to the epic Others vs. Losties fight. Seeing Jack as a broken man kinda ruins anything he does over the next 3 seasons. Will the flashforward continue to be a regular thing? I think the Dharma initiative is on the boat and they are back for blood. Great finish. The dead guy is probably Sawyer.

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