January 18, 2009


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LOST Soundtrack

Top 10 LOST Theme Songs

1. Locke

2. the Others

3. Desmond and Penny

4. the Freighter

5. Charlies Sacrifice

6. Hurley

7. Season 2 Opener

8. Locke's Second Theme

9. The Island

10. Adventure Music (Hollywood and Vines)


Please make this your wallpaper.

OK folks, you know the drill. As with Indy Week and Batman Week, we are taking one of our favorite topics and jamming the site with all sorts of content. This week, in celebration of the start of season 5, we are loading up on LOST. Below, you'll find lots of fun stuff, from retro reviews to future previews, awesome pics to funny clips, and, as always, some great TOP TEN lists.  Enjoy.

Monster eats the pilot...


Season 4 was a long time ago, and for those who haven't bought the DVDs or watched for free on abc.com, I'm going to quickly point out what the main groups of people where doing right before the end of "There's No Place Like Home Part 2." 

JACK and the Oceanic 6: As Ben points out, everyone has to head back to the Island. Jeremy Bentham (aka Dead Locke) somehow convinced Jack that the only way to save everyone is to return to the Island, and now Ben is in town to make sure it happens. Sayid kills a Widmore spy outside of Santa Rosa, then busts Hurley out. Kate is greeted by ghost Claire in a dream where she tells him "Don't you dare bring him back!" (Is she talking about Aaron... or Locke?) As for Sun...

SUN and Jin: Sun sucks, and hysterical Sun is a million times worse. But is Jin really dead? Sun seems to think so since he's got his own tombstone. Jin has already survived an exploding raft, I'm sure an exploding freighter isn't much worse. Anyway, Sun was last seen in London talking to evil baddie Charles Widmore. Apparently, they share a common enemy. I say that Jin's not dead. It would be a serious waste of all those Engrish ressons.

SAWYER and the remaining Losties: Juliet is devastated after watching her latest chance off the Island blow up. We assume Faraday and the nobodies on the boat also moved with the Island. Locke supposedly told Jack that after the 6 left, things didn't go so well for those on the beach. This include Miles, C.S. Lewis, Rose, Bernard, and some others (Vincent and Frogurt?) Everyone believes Juliet and Sawyer will hook up. Thumbs down.

LOCKE and the Others: Once Ben turns the frozen donkey wheel, we last see on-Island Locke meet up with Richard Alpert and the rest of the Others. They are ready to follow his every word, but we have no idea what that will mean. Of course, 3 years and change later, off-Island Locke is in a coffin.

DESMOND and Penny: Something had to go right for our castaways in the finale, and this was it. Stranded on a liferaft, the Oceanic 6 are rescued by Penny and her search boat. But once the 6 are prepped to carry out their phony rescue story, we say goodbye to Desmond, Penny, and Frank Lapidus. Luckily for everyone, previews show Desmond and Penny (and their newborn babe! Mazel tov!) saying goodbye. Looks like he is coming back, too! Andy's man-crush will live on.

Boone must already be dead...


Just because I feel like it, here's a look at the best and worst LOST characters. While on the John, I typed up every LOST character I could think of, and was well over 120. But because we don't really care about character like Charlie's fat girlfriend and her dad, the looking glass chicks, Desmond's oracle from his flashes, and anyone from the weed farm, I narrowed down the list as best I could. Feel free to vehemently disagree with my hatred of Sawyer and Sun. More a more in depth look at my Top 10, scroll further down.

1Ben Linus31Leslie Arzt61Neil Frogurt
2John Locke32Sayid Jarrah62Scott Jackson(dead)
3Desmond Hume33Mr. Eko63Dave
4Daniel Faraday34Ethan Rom64Sgt. Sam Austen
5Mikhail Bakunin35Smokey the Monster65Kate Austen
6Juliet Burke36Essam66Crazy Leonard
7Christian Shephard37Michael Dawson67Richard the Psychic
8Frank Lapidus38Danielle Rousseau68Randy Nations
9Jack Shephard39Horace Goodspeed69Helen
10Penny Widmore40Minkowski70Rose
11Boone Carlisle41Freighter Doctor71Cindy (Stewardess)
12Jin's Dad42Mr. Paik72Karl
13Hurley Reyes43Ray Mullen73Cassidy Phillips
14Miles Straume44Jacob74Naomi Dorrit
15Martin Keamy45Vincent75Kate's Mom
16Jin Kwon46Anthony Cooper76Baby Aaron
17Bernard the Dentist47Danny Pickett77Goodwin's Wife
18Tom Friendly48Police Capt. Cortez78Jae Lee
19Kelvin Inman49the Head Monk79Emily Locke
20Matthew Abaddon50Roger Workman80Miss Klugh
21Charles Widmore51Nadia81Walt Dawson
22Charlie Pace52Kate's Ex-Hubby82Paulo
23Charlotte Lewis53Ed Mars (Marhsal)83Jin's Mom
24Seth Norris54Det. Mike Walton84Claire Littleton
25Captain Gault55Sarah Shephard85Sheriff of Otherton
26David Reyes56Alex Linus-Rousseau86Sawyer Ford
27Mama Reyes57Goodwin87ShannonRutherford
28Yemi58Liam Pace88Nikki
29Richard Alpert59Steve Jenkins (alive)89Sun Kwon
30Libby60Dr. Marvin Candle90Ana Lucia


Here's how these will work. I'm going to rate each season based on their 10 most important storylines.

THE PLANE WRECKAGE: The opening scenes of Jack on the beach are pretty epic. It's like the Saving Private Ryan 'Storming the Beach' scene of television. Well worth the hefty pricetag. 10/10

DISTRESS SIGNAL: Discovering and decoding it is pretty chilling. You've got to love how the pilot was layered so that you could get hooked on the show on many different levels. 10/10

FLASHBACKS: Kate's a fugitive! Locke was paralyzed! Sayid's a torturer! Season one's flashbacks were crazy awesome. They added to the depth and mystery of the show without slowing the momentum of on-Island events. 10/10

THE CAVES: Did they ever give us a good reason for leaving the caves? I liked the stories there (cave-in, Boone's operating room), but I hated how every major event became a relay race from the beach to the caves and back. How many characters had to sprint back and forth for lame reasons? 8/10

THE LOVE TRIANGLE: Jack and Kate made a great team in season one, but somehow loser Sawyer wore her down. How?!?!? He was a mean bastard with lame nicknames for everyone. How terrible is it that 4 seasons later, they're still both fighting over her? 7/10

ETHAN ROM: The discovery of the "Others" provided a midseason jolt of life (not needed, but much appreciated). Ethan always seemed a pussy in flashbacks after his death, but he was creepy and intimidating during this stretch of episodes. Plus Claire was MIA for a bit. 10/10

SUN SPEAKS ENGLISH: Sun sucks, and Michael sucked for caring about her, but Jin was a jerk before this. Everyone hated Jin in the first half of the season, but this betrayal was a turning point for him. 7/10

THE RAFT: The building/burning/re-building/sailing of the raft was a big plotline in the second half of the season. The writers took a storyline that most people expected (building a raft worked for Hanks) and brought some clever twists with it (plus the raft itself was impressive). 9/10

THE DEATH OF BOONE: The first major castaway eats it, and in a big way. I really liked how abrupt his accident was, but they sure milked the surgery for all it was worth. 10/10

THE HATCH: Nobody had a clue about what would be in there. The buildup was huge and the suspense was unbearable. It's things like this that made Locke my favorite character early on. Finding the hatch was his high point, and blowing the hatch was the perfect cap to the best season of television ever. 10/10



DESMOND IN THE HATCH: Another great premiere episode. Andy's thoughts on this twist pretty much cover how awesome it is.  10/10

THE SWAN STATION: It sure is a lot to take in. The computer, the numbers, the orientation video. It's cool how the mythology of the show is being built here, and the hatch is such an important piece of it, but I get a little peeved knowing that it almost ruined the Locke character. In season 2 he was pretty much a housemaid. 9/10

THE TAILIES: When Jin ran down the beach screaming and Eko knocked everyone out with his Jesus stick, we all thought they were the "Others." Great twist. Turns out they were from the tail section of the plan, and their time on the Island was much different from the Losties. I hate Ana Lucia, so every scene on that side of the Island annoyed the hell out of me. Eko, Bernard, and Libby couldn't save it. 4/10

FLASHBACKS: Losing steam at this point. Locke and Helen? More about Charlie and his brother? More cons from Sawyer? We get it. The new flashbacks (the Tailies, Ana-Lucia, and Eko's) are mostly good. 7/10

THE DEATH OF SHANNON: One of the greatest moments on the show also brought about one of the worst. Shannon sucked, as did her relationship with Sayid (twice her age?), but when her death turn him into a depressed mope, the show reached a low. Is it even believable!?!?!?! 5/10

CHARLIE AND CLAIRE'S BREAKUP: The whole storyline with him wanting to watch over Claire and the baby, but she hates him because of the drugs, so Locke moves nearby to play Grandpa? And then Charlie keeps trying to steal Aaron, so Locke punches him in the face, so Charlie turns on everyone to help Sawyer? Yeah, it was terrible. 2/10

MICHAEL GOES AFTER WALT: They had an entertaining AIM conversation, and when Michael heads off into the Jungle, Jack and Co. get a good look at Zeke and the Others. "LIGHT EM UP!!!!!!!!!!!" 10/10

HENRY GALE: Capture/Interrogation/Manipulation/Release. All excellent storylines. It snapped Sayid out of his funk. It exposed Locke as a lost puppy. It forced Michael to act. And of course, it evolved into the Ben Linus storyline. 10/10

TWO FOR THE ROAD: We all saw Ana Lucia's death coming, but it didn't matter. SATISFACTION! But 5 seconds later, two in the gut take sweet Libby away from us too. SHOCK! And then, Michael frees Ben and shoot himself in the arm! WHAT THE HELL!?!?!? Cut to black. Utter confusion. I loved it. 10/10

THE FINALE: The show knows how to open and close a season. Period. On top of the hatch implosion and trade (Walt for Jack, Kate, and Sawyer) we get a touching Desmond flashback. Welcome back, brotha! 10/10



THE PREMIERE: Another great opening, focusing on the Others. It pretty much set the stage. We were going to find out everything about them this season, for better or worse. 10/10

THE HYDRA STATION: A major gripe from all the fans was the amount of screen time spent on Kate, Jack, and Sawyer in the Hydra Station. We got little or no plot from the Losties on the beach, and no real progress was being made. 5/10

THE OTHERS: Ben has a tumor, Juliet is ten times hotter than Kate, and Dan Pickett loves beating the shit out of Sawyer. It's always nice to get some new blood on the show, and these guys were pretty cool. The barracks was even cooler. 9/10

NIKKI AND PAULO: Sorry Season 3, but the attempted integration of two previously unknown Losties was a complete and utter failure. 0/10

THE TABLES TURN: Sensing the series was creeping along at a snail's pace, Doc Jack kicks things into high gear during Ben's surgery. Going into a crazy long winter break, it was just enough to keep me excited (Kate and Sawyer sharing diseases in the cage certainly did not). 7/10

DESMOND AND CHARLIE: Desmond sees flashes (Charlie's going to die). It was a fantastic little side story for the remaining part of season 3, and a return to form for Charlie, who was useless in Season 2. 10/10

FLASHBACKS: They officially lost steam. The infamous "Jack and Thailand" episode, couple with the "Sweat Lodge Locke" episode. The only thing that saved it were the fresh flashbacks of Ben and Juliet (incredible). 6/10

LOCKE LEAVES THE GROUP: After storming the Barracks with Sayid and Kate, Locke is actually there to blow up the submarine, and pretty much joins the Others (AND SEE JACOB!!!!!!!). This leads to a cool twist with his dad, and eventually to him getting a bullet in the gut courtesy of Big Ben Linus. 10/10

ARRIVAL OF NAOMI: Is she there for rescue? Is it Penny's boat? While this is happening, double (triple?) agent Juliet is plotting a trap set for the Others, building to a big finale. 10/10

FINALE: Another gem. The trap mostly works at the beach, and with the help of Hurley, Tom and co. are dead. Jack leads his people to the radio tower, where Locke knifes Naomi and the Rousseaus finally reunite. Meanwhile, Charlie sacrifices himself for the group (as does Mikhail for his group), and it is indeed NOT Penny's boat.

F L A S H    F O R W A R D ! ! ! ! 10/10



THE OCEANIC 6: The first part of the season was a guessing game? Who is going to be one of the 6? What might it mean for those who aren't in the 6? Does Aaron REALLY count? It was a cool little mystery game the kept us talking between episodes. 9/10

FLASH FORWARDS: A breath of fresh air. Figuring out where events happen in the grand timeline is a fun puzzle, and each scene is vital and urgent. Although the seasons had 3 or 4 flashbacks (Freightees, Desmond, Juliet, Michael), only Juliet's was especially terrible. 9/10

THE FREIGHTEES: Almost perfect. Faraday, Lapidus, and Keamy all rocked. I still like Miles even though no one else cares for him. The only hiccup is the under utilized C.S. Lewis. Because of the strike-shortened season, a lot of storylines had to be cut (most notably hers). What we got was a stuck-up broad with a bitchy 'tude. But at the end of the season, I started to warm up to her because we finally find out important nuggets (she was probably born on the Island). 9/10

TEAM LOCKE vs. TEAM JACK: Locke's integration back into the camp was cool, mostly because it brought a lot pouty faces out of Jack ("you KILLED Naomi!"). Even though Locke was right, his camp gets annihilated. 8/10

EMERGENCE OF BEN: How he weaseled his was out of capitivity is a wonder, but he makes it look easy. He sealed his position at the top of my rankings after unleashing all hell (and Smokey the monster) on the commandos. His daughter is dead, and his feud with Widmore looks to be epic. 10/10

WELCOME BACK, MICHAEL: Kevin Johnson is here to die, so I enjoyed everything about his time in Season 4. He left on a perfect note (two for the road) but still redeemed himself with a spooky back story, helping Desmond and Sayid, and sacrificing himself  in the end. 8/10

JACK'S APPENDICITIS: Turd storyline of the season. We obviously know that he cannot die, so there's investment in the surgery or post-op. And it really doesn't matter anyway, since stubborn Jack continues to run around the Island anyway. The only purpose it serves is it effectively ends the Jack/Juliet relationship. She knows his kisses are meant for Kate. Still stupid. 5/10

LOCKE TALKS TO THE ISLAND: Finally able to embrace his destiny, Locke caps of a stellar episode by communing with the voice of Jacob. How does he save the Island? He has to move it. 10/10

WE HAVE TO GO BAAAACK!: The flashforwards show Jack as the level-headed hero we know and love. When does he breakdown? And for what reason? All we know is that he makes the most of his life by hooking up with Kate, raising Aaron, and checking in on Hurley. When Hurley suggests to Jack that they made a mistake, he immediately dismisses. Waiting for the other foot to drop was a big part of the flash forward suspense in season 4. 10/10

THE FINALE: Locke's dead! The freighter blows up! THE ISLAND MOVES! This one definitely brings the goods. 10/10


VIDEO GAMES: LOST Via Domus Review

If this was not a LOST video game, it would be nothing special. The graphics are amazing. The puzzles are challenging and interesting. The environment is constantly changing. But the main character is a major douchebag, and it all falls apart from there. You play as a passenger of 815, a journalist named Elliot who has amnesia. So you both are trying to solve his past, and how he made it on the plane. Well, even though his crazy backstory is a pretty cool one, he's still a tool. I would have rather played as a rotating cast (discover the caves as Jack, explore the hatch with Locke, etc.). Still, you get to walk around all the coolest LOST locations. The beach starts as the plane wreckage and as the game progresses, it evolves into a more developed camp. You get to walk through all the Swan, Pearl, Hydra, and Flame stations (all awesome). You head out to the Black Rock. You even get to run from the Smoke Monster (that gets a little annoying over time). There's a crazy twist ending written by loser Damon Lindelof, and the whole arc of the game is pretty satisfying, yet I don't know why it still stinks. The voice acting is terrible, but the look and movement of the characters are great. The game can be beaten on a lazy Saturday afternoon, and there's not much replay value. I suggest you rent the video game just so you can walk around the beach and chat with the various LOSTies.


TV: The Return of L O S T

This means LOST Power Ranking! Also, check out this bracket and vote for your favorite LOST scenes. My ideal Final 4 would include Locke in a wheelchair, Two for the road executions, "We have to go back!", and Desmond calling Penny.

10. PENNY WIDMORE (7) - Hot and rich. How does she feel about Sun teaming up with her dad?

9. JACK SHEPHARD (5) - I'm starting to turn on the good Dr. I can't stand that he wants to be with Kate when she pretty much chooses Sawyer over him every time. I can't stand him on the Island, where he whines and cries and yells when he doesn't get his way. The only cool Jack is the "we have to go baaaaaaack!" Jack

8. FRANK LAPIDUS (10) - Probably the most trustworthy guy on the Island. What role will he play, if any, in the new season?

7. CHRISTIAN SHEPHARD (8) - Would contend with Pam Beesely for the "Whitest Sneakers" Dundy.

6. JULIET BURKE (6) - I swear, if she hooks up with asshole Sawyer, I'll drop her down where Kate is (Bottom 5).

5. MIKHAIL BAKUNIN (3) - Still dead. Still awesome.

4. DANIEL FARADAY (12) - He gets a big jump because he is probably the only person who can explain to me what the hell is going on.

3. DESMOND HUME (2) - I fear that his story is wrapping up, but he reunion with Penny means I can die a happy man. Third place is not a bad place to end up.

2. JOHN LOCKE (1): - Sorry Johnny, but your general cluelessness annoys me. I have a strong belief that leading the New Others will continue to be awesome, but the master has outplayed you yet again...

1. BEN LINUS (4) -  Someone has finally dethroned Locke. Ben's storyline for this season (leading the 6 BACK to the Island) just sounds awesome and has more potential than Locke on the disappearing Island. 

LOST - Season 3 -- Bloopers - video powered by Metacafe

Previously on Lost : What? - Click here for more home videos


Just because I fired him doesn't mean he can't still contribute. He sent me this email, which I will copy and paste for everyone to see.

With nine days to go before the premiere, it's time to send out the rankings.

*  = dead
** = dead?
*** = gay

1.  Jack - I wouldn't want to raise loser Aaron either.  And after Sawyer, I hope you made Kate get tested.
2.  Sayid - New, improved Hitman Sayid almost makes me forget about Shannon-Mourning Sayid (balls not included).
3.  Hurley - enough with being called Hugo all the time, go back to Hurley.  It's way cooler.
4.  Jin** - why, oh why couldn't Sun have been on the freighter instead?  LOST cast resolution: No DUI's in '09! Can we agree to that?
5.  Locke** -  had a strong finish to season 4, but stop asking questions all the time and stop cooking meals/washing dishes/serving iced tea!
6.  Ethan Rom* - probably sitting by his phone waiting to here: "Hey, it's Damon! We've got a cool flashback planned and you're gonna be in it for 3 seconds!!"
7.  Michael* - Here Lies Michael.  Son of Fundin.  Slayer of Ana-Lucia.  He sucked at times, but that IS one of the better accomplishments of any character.
8.  Seth “2nd Greatest Pilot” Norris* - knowing what we know now about Smokey, why would it go after the pilot in the first place?
9.  Boone Carlisle* - no one names their kid Boone.
Kate - My god how did anyone get by on the island without Kate's tremendous tracking "abilities"?  YOU SUCK (unless your with Jack).

1.  Desmond - will he still have flashes off the island?  will they be of Penny burning dinner?  Boring plotlines will send him down a peg this season.
2.  Henry “Ben” Gale - huge golden globe snub!
3.  Dr. J Burke - WARNING: dating Sawyer is character suicide!!!!!!!!!! You won't be able to recover!
4.  Mikhail* - sucked in Indy 4, along with most everything else.
5.  Bernard - Attention all engaged people.  "When you're married, it takes twice as long to make a decision..because you gotta talk them into doing it." ZING!
6.  Meesta Eko* - Yemi was always cooler.
7.  Tom Friendly*** - Let's hope we don't see him endulging himself in any flashbacks.
8.  Matty Abaddon - Had 3 scenes in season 4.  Nailed them all.
9.  Penny - if your's and Desmond's love makes Dan reference Pam and Jim, I'm gonna shoot someone.
10. Richard Alpert -  "...tomorrow you take the  big job.  You don't have any say in the matter, COMMISSIONER GORDON!" *clap* *clap* *clap*

1.  Lapidus - Had 32 scenes in season 4.  Nailed them all.  Then nailed some young chick after.
2.  Faraday - Totally redeemed yourself for the idiot that was Oppum.  Tom Hanks DIED because of him!  But you're okay now.
3.  Keamy* - Shooting Alex was more than enough to get him into the top 3.
4.  Capt. Gault* - too cool to die so early.
5.  Doc* - DITTO.
6.  Minkowski* - again? YES. ditto.
7.  Miles - hated him first time around.  much cooler/funnier second time around.  mostly because he pissed off sawyer.
8.  Charlotte Staples Lewis - hot first time around.  annooooooyyying second time around.  still hot.
9.  Kevin Johnson* - keamy said it best: "don't you have to go mop something?"
10. Naomi* - sucks.

MOM & POP Division
1.  Christian Shephard**
2.  Chuck Widmore
3.  Cheech Reyes
4.  Anthony Cooper*
5.  Roger Workman*
6.Mr. Paik - Michael Corleone proved that it's alright to whack a family member. I'm just sayin.....
7. Jin Zoo Shi’s Dad
9.Senora Reyes
10. Kate’s Stepdad* -  Kate sucks.

1.  Ana Lucia* - Three words....Dark Hair..Gorgeous.
2.  Sun***  Every line from Sun in season 4 was quickly followed by "Aaahhhhh I HAAATE Sun!!!" from me.
3.  Claire** - Christian Shephard, you are 1 for 2 in cool offspring.
4.  Sawyer*** - Keep your STDs away from Juliet.
5.  Shannon* - Too bad Neeson wasn't on the Island to save you like he did in "Taken"
6.  The Season 3 Sheriff - where the hell did you go?
7.  Nikki*/Paolo* - Why did you have to go and kill Season 3?! What did it ever do to you???
8.  Miss Klugh* - you still look like Abaddon.
9.  Alex*/Karl* - Hilarious deaths.
10. The Island Therapist - Goodwin doesn't like ugly broads.  Get over it.

The WORST Person in the World This Week:

Sun Kwon

They killed off the wrong Kwon...


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Top 20 LOST Scenes (Seasons 1-4)

LOST is back, and its about time, TV has been sucking lately.  Scenes have been on my mind recently, and I decided to look into some from LOST.  There are so many and it was tough to just knock it down to 20.  Here are some honorable mentions that didn't make the cut:  Ben's late night talk with Widmore, Sawyer killing Cooper on the island, Locke seeing Cooper on the island, Sayid's neck breaking work, Jin and Eko see the others and that teddy bear, and how about when Friendly shows up right before Michael tries to kill himself.  You can find YouTube videos for all of these, but I am only providing them for the top 5, don't want to take up too much space.  Here's a solid Ten 10 list someone made on YouTube.

20.  Tail Section Crashes - S2, E7 - The Other 48 Days - Pretty sweet intro to one of those connect the dots type episodes.  LOST has some pretty sweet openings to certain episodes, and this should rank toward the top, plus you have to give some love to the often ridiculed tail section crew.

19.  Alex Capped - S4, E9 - The Shape of Things to Come - Dan and Dave love this scene more than me, but it still deserves to be on the list.  One of the great things about LOST is the total unexpectedness of certain moments and this was certainly one of them.  Ben’s one and only big misstep?

18.  Distress Signal 16 yrs and running - S1, E2 - Pilot Part 2 - This may be a surprise to some, but I think it was the moment that got me hooked on LOST.  The Pilot Part 1 with the pilot getting killed got my attention and this wrapped me in.  A spooky French voice, a signal playing over and over again for sixteen years.  “Guys, where are we?”

17.  Locke sees Walt - S3, E22 - Through the Looking Glass - We all know Locke is important, but I don’t think some fans realize the importance of Walt.  Shannon’s vision of Walt was pretty sweet and this vision rejuvenated Locke and enabled him to “get up” and kill Naomi.  A vision? A dream?  Smokey transformed?

16.  Charlie’s Death - S3, E22 - Through the Looking Glass - It is pretty fair to say that throughout the first three seasons Charlie was a big loser and nobody liked him.  My dad referred to him as that “annoying hobbit.”  But at his end, Charlie redeemed himself a little.  Every scene in the Looking Glass station was pure; Mikhail, Charlie’s message to Desmond, and his ultimate sacrifice.

15.  Sayid Works for....Ben - S4, E3 - The Economist - My favorite character Sayid was pretty sweet in this episode as a sleek assassin in the future.  But why is he killing people?  Who is he working for?  The conclusion and big reveal wrap up a solid Season Four episode.

14.  Cooper pushes/paralyzes Locke - S3, E13 - The Man From Tallahassee - The character Anthony Cooper was involved in many sweet scenes, his island reveal and his death at the hands of Sawyer come to mind, but nothing beats Locke’s flashback and the reveal of how he ended up in his wheelchair.  We knew something was coming, but the scene still shocked us all.

13.  Ben unleashes Smokey - S4, E9 - The Shape of Things to Come - This could be connected with Alex getting capped, but I'll choose to separate them.  Every so often, LOST creators will flex their special effects muscles and this was certainly one of those scenes.  Smokey rushing through the “others” barracks was quite memorable, not to mention the job it did to Keamy’s crew.

12.  “Are they still alive?” - S4, E1 - The Beginning of the End - The introduction of the mysterious Abbadon character sends chills down everyone’s back.  Who is this guy that's visiting Hurley?  The question he ends with makes one realize that there is a deep struggle between the Oceanic 6, the people still left on the island, and an introduced group of people that may know more than we think.

11.  “How do I save the island?”- S4, E11 - Cabin Fever - The Ben semi-speech of the island wanted me to get sick and you to get well John is a good lead up to what is about to happen.  Locke enters the cabin alone and talks to Christian and Claire, both dead?.  People talk about how good the Ben and Hurley back and forth is while they are waiting for Locke, but the nuts and bolts occur inside the cabin.

10.  “Don't tell me what I can't do!” - S1, E4 - Walkabout - Pretty much the powerful intro of John Locke.  Who is this weird tough-guy on the island?  What’s the deal with his flashback?   Ok, he was in a wheelchair, and now on the island he can walk.  The mysteries deepen.

9.  “Help Me” - S3, E20 - The Man Behind the Curtain - TMBTC is one of my favorite episodes.  Ben has a great flashback; it’s good to get a view of the island before the Losties were there, and it was interesting to see a peak of the Dharma Initiative.  But, the climax of the episode was the first look at the mysterious cabin and the mysterious Jacob.  We think Ben is just fooling around with Locke, until Locke himself hears Jacob.

8.  “I Love You Penny” - S4, E5 - The Constant - Don’t start crying Dan.  A powerful scene even though it’s probably the sappiest on the list.  The Constant was a great episode with the back and forth between Desmond and well, himself.  At the end he finally connects with his long-lost love.  Best phone conversation in TV history?

7.  “We’re going have to bring him too.”- S4, E13 - There’s No Place Like Home Part 2 - I thought it was a pretty solid conclusion to Season 4.  When you think about it, I guess it had to be Locke in the coffin.  Even better than the final reveal was the conversation between Jack and Ben in the funeral home.  Is Ben the consensus best character on LOST now?

6.  “The boy, we’re going to have to take him.” - S1, E24 - Exodus Part 2 - How was Season One of LOST going to end.  The clock was ticking and there wasn’t much time left.  Were Sawyer, Jin, Michael, and Walt going to make it.  Yes, they came across a boat, until..........the people on the boat took Walt.  Another powerful scene.  What role will Walt play throughout the rest of the series?

5.  “So I guess I’m out of the book club.”- S3, E1 - A Tale of Two Cities - LOST tries to fool us into thinking we are watching a flashback when we are really on the island.  Who is this Juliet?  Did we realize that she would turn into one of the better characters on LOST?  The scene raises many more questions about the “hillbilly” others and gives a good look back at both Ethan and Goodwin.  How sweet was that plane breaking in half in the sky?

4.  Does Alpert Age? - S3, E20 - The Man Behind the Curtain - Probably the best flashback of the entire series during arguably the best LOST episode.  My heart was literally pounding when Ben saw visions of his mother and when he went after “her” through the jungle.  The height of the entire episode was his encounter with Alpert.  Ben was part of the Dharma Initiative until he wiped them out and joined the others/hostiles.  Richard Alpert and his age, or lack thereof, is still a big question mark but another awesome LOST nugget. 

3.  Michael? - S2, E20 - Two for the Road - Did anybody see this coming?  We knew Michael would do almost anything to get his son back and get off the island, but killing two people?  Perhaps it was a result of the LOST DUIers with both Michelle Rodriguez and Cynthia Watros getting the ax for behaving badly in real life.  Season 2 is underrated in my opinion, but those that were bored with a lot of episodes in the middle, this scene pushed the enveloped toward a very exciting conclusion.

2.  “We have to go back” - S3, E22 - Through the Looking Glass - How do you successfully complete a show about people on a stranded island.  They either die or get rescued.  So much of LOST is wrapped up in flashbacks, why not make interesting flashfowards.  The genius of LOST.  Jack’s “flashback?” in the Season 3 finale seemed odd, out of place, until we realized it was a flashfoward.  The best season finale of any LOST season.

1.  Intro of Season 2/Hatch/Desmond - S2, E1 - Man of Science, Man of Faith - In the entire LOST universe, this scene probably doesn’t have as much meaning as the Season 3 flashforward, Michael’s killing spree, or even anything about Jacob, but scene-wise, visually, it’s the best scene in LOST history.  With this scene, it was pretty evident that LOST wasn’t going to jump the shark after the great Season 1.  We start of course with the eyeball.  What’s that beeping?  Who’s flashback is it?  What was that explosion?  The HATCH!  It’s really tough to describe, you just have to watch.


This Week:
the TOP TEN Things to Expect in LOST Season 5
by Herb

This probably won't have as much of an impact on pop culture as the name of Ross and Rachel's (after the birth of their baby, 'Emma' went from late teens to top 3 most popular girls name). Will it even be relevant to the show? Will they even reveal it? Any chance he honor's one of his LOST buddies (Kelvin? Charlie? Frank?). 
PREDICTION: Because I have absolutely no idea, my guess is that honor's Faraday and myself by naming his boy Daniel.

This long rumored possible relationship has to start somewhere. We know that the Oceanic 6 are off the Island for roughly THREE years before they decide to go back. It only took Sawyer a month to wear down Kate, but she's kind of slutty. Barring an unforeseen death of Juliet or Sawyer, it's hard to believe they won't hook up. Sure, it'll probably start as a sympathy screw because Sawyer will be vulnerable after Kate supposedly dies. It doesn't matter. I will hate Juliet if she does this. Bigger question: Might they end up being Adam and Eve in the caves?
PREDICTION: We'll see them kissing before Episode 9.


Trying to get back to the Island seems to be the story arc for the season, so it makes sense that they probably end the season with the 6's return to the Island. We would still have one more season to see what happens with everyone back together again, but maybe this season we'll learn of their intentions. Obviously Jack wants to save everyone who was left behind, but that can't be Ben's gameplan. And supposedly Ben isn't allowed to return to the Island since he's the one who moved it. Will their intention be a simple rescue and extraction? Will they stick around to clear out any hostiles causing trouble? Will they dig in and live on the Island? This is a question I suspect they will reveal with subtle clues over the coming months.
PREDICTION: It is the destiny of every person from that plane crash to never leave the Island.

So Kate really loves Sawyer, but Sawyer is left behind with Juliet. Jack really loves Kate, and even gets engaged to her, but loses her because he knows she still loves Sawyer. Juliet really loves Jack, but after the appendectomy she realized that Jack really had feelings for Kate and no one else. And despite loving Kate, Sawyer stays behind because he doesn't think he can compete with the Doc in the real world. So what happens when they all meet back up? If Sawyer and Juliet are hooking up, what will happen between him and Kate? Does the fact she happens to be raising a 3 year old change anything with Sawyer? Do we even care about this anymore, or would we rather see Faraday and C.S. Lewis making scientist babies?
PREDICTION: Kate + Sawyer 4ever. Juliet and Jack are better off without them. 


Ben is often very selective when he decides to reveal the 'truth,' but something tells me he was being brutally honest when he told Chuck Widmore that he would kill his daughter. And as Miles tells us, "Seeing as how  week ago he was tied up and now he's eating pound cake, I'd say Ben's a man who gets what he wants." Ben is an ice cold killer when he needs to be, but don't you think that if the LOSTies knew he greased Penny (and probably her kid too), they would no longer be in league with him?
PREDICTION: God I hope not, but my gut says it'll happen


I already kind of answered it, but this is one of the big questions this season. Again, I think the arc points toward them getting back, probably in the season finale. But some questions that go along with it. How will they reach the Island (boat, plane, etc.). Most importantly: WHEN WILL THEY REACH THE ISLAND?!?!?!!?! In past seasons, time was relative and a little off, but on a larger scale it stuck together (remember Ben's gay current events update to Jack in the Hydra: W wins, as do the Sox). But moving the Island changes the game completely. What if, this season, events off the Island follow the Oceanic 6 three years later (we already know the big events that happen to them in between), but the LOSTies are still on normal Island time? What if only a month goes by on the Island before Jack shows up with his Gettysburg beard? This seems unlikely since Locke is able to find time to travel off the Island for an extended period of time. And Ben seems to have knowledge of some on Island events. But my gut says the writers are pulling out the Ken Whisenhunt bag of tricks this season.
PREDICTION: The 6 return in the finale only to find that Island time has progressed one month.

In the finale, Ben tells Jack that after they left the Island, the remaining LOSTies were in a bit of a jam. With the commandos out of the picture, it seems the Others can go back to the Barracks and party like they have been. A first look has Sawyer and Juliet held by soldiers, but weren't Widmore's taken out? Are they the Others battalion? They seem to be the most immediate threat to Sawyer and Co., but would Locke really order a strike against his former tribe? I think not.
PREDICTION: No clue. The most obvious conflict is Others vs. LOSTies: Rematch in Texas. 


Jeremy Bentham, aka Locke, returned to the Island and spoke to most of the Oceanic 6 (plus Walt). But somehow he ends up dead. This is as wide open as anything on the Island. How and why did Locke really die. What are the circumstances surrounding it? Everyone is betting that the Island will resurrect Locke once they bring his corpse back (much like it resurrected Christian?), so it doesn't make sense that one of the good guys killed him. I'm itching for the answer to this mystery, but there's no telling when they will tell us.
PREDICTION: Widmore tries to "persuade" Locke into giving up the location of the Island. By persuade I mean he hangs him.

The showdowns between Locke and Jack has become less frequent over the years. In season one, every other episode the two were having compelling chats about fate and destiny and all that good stuff. By season 4, they hated each other and only talked in the premiere and finale (both great talks). It seems that in season 5, the number of talks will dwindle down to one, and it's a biggie. Jack was the most fervent believer in the Island cover-up story, and didn't entertain any talk of returning. But at some point, everything changed. He became depressed junkie hell bent on getting back, and we know the turning point had to do with his conversation with Locke. Imagine that for one second. In one talk, Locke is able to convince Jack to go against all his beliefs. He gets Jack to understand that they never should have left, that they were there for a reason. One of my favorite finale moments was Locke telling Jack something like "watch what I'm about to do next" with a big smile on his face. I suspect their impending conversation will be that moment times a million.
PREDICTION: We already know the substance of their conversation, but where will it take place? Good money says Jack's apartment, but I'm guessing it'll be something outrageous like Locke being a patient of Jack's at the hospital.