April 7, 2009




Today, April 7th, this great website officially turns one! And while I would love to spend this week slamming Obama for bowing to the Saudi King, sharing my shock and awe over Dr. Kutner's surprise suicide on House, and getting excited about another Pens playoff run, instead we are going to reflect on the past year. What are the stories that shaped this year? 

 Who is the Best Person of the Year? (nominees are Michael Emerson, Capt. Sully, and Bill O'Reilly)

Who is the Worst Person of the Year (nominees are Jon Stewart, the Jonas Brothers, and the Octo-mom)? 

You'll have to read on to find out...

POLITICS: Election Season (12 Headlines)

The historic showdown between Hil-Rod and Obama was the catalyst that "birthed" this website. I admit that we grew sick and tired of the opinion writers at the PSU Collegian paper (they handled Obama with kid gloves). Soon enough, it seemed every week for the next month or 2 we had a fun article about the campaign. The DNC, RNC, and McCain v. Obama finale was also compelling, but nothing compared to Dick Morris and Bill O' breaking down campagin stump speeches from the Dems. The Presidential campaign was a huge letdown, obviously, but mostly because as the race progressed further and further, McCain's chances circled the drain faster and faster. A lot of us can say that the primary and then the Presidential election made politics interesting for the first ever. No matter the stinky outcome, it was a blast.

SPORTS: Penguins Playoff Run (1 Headline)

Pittsburgh will always be known as a Steeler town, but the Pens' run to the Stanley Cup finals was equally as entertaining as the Steelers playoff push in 2005. The Pens rolled through the first three rounds with incredible ease. In one year and 45 issues (including this one), the one article that I had the most fun writing was way back in Issue #4 when I compared (to great lengths) Star Wars and the Pens. If only Malkin didn't have a week long brain fart...*sigh.* Anyway, the Pens (currently the 6th seed) are gearing up for another run. Can anyonebest Malkin and the Kid for 4 out of 7 games? 

FILM: Indiana Jones (4 Headlines)

Not only was Indiana Jones 4 the first article in our first issue, it also was our first themed week (Issue 7). In Issue 2, Dave placed Indy at the top of the Harrison Ford "Best Characters" list. In Issue 8, I broke down the film (earned a B) and compared it to the other films (it ranked 4th out of 4). My sister placed Indy 4 has her 3rd favorite film of 2008 (she saw over 50 of them). The film even garnered a Best Picture nomination at the FLOBYs. Despite later being outshined by the Dark Knight, Indy proved to be the first big event for the site. 

FILM: the Dark Knight (2 Headlines)

Our second themed issue (#14), Batman week, much like Indy Week, was done to analyze and rank all the previous films and buzz about the upcoming release. I'd probably argue that the most exciting movie moment prior to the film's release was the grainy pirated Dark Knight trailer that we watched nonstop for an entire weekend. TDK was the biggest movie event of the year starring the biggest performance of the year. It was the subject of 2 separate Top Tens (Top 10 Batman Villains, Top 10 potential villains/actors for Batman 3). Andy, Dave, and myself all had this as the number one movie of the year, and it easily won the Best Picture FLOBY. There's no point in praising this film anymore than we already did. 

SPORTS: The Steelers (4 Headlines)

Another subject that was discussed in depth, I regret not doing a Steelers-themed week. Still, we covered the draft, preseason predictions (we were all wayyyyy off), midseason reviews, the playoffs, the super bowl, and the aftermath. Much like the Dark Knight, I grow tired of showering superlatives on this season. So for the final time this calendar year, our hats off to the best finish of any sports season of my lifetime. Next year's draft is almost upon us, and then the dance begins again...

TV: L O S T (1 Headline)

The subject of 3 separate Top 10s and it's own themed week (Issue 37), LOST roared back in a big way. We can all agree that Season 3 started slow, but the second half of season 3, all of season 4, and just about all of Season 5 have been nearly perfect. Despite only having one headline, I wouldn't be surprised if we talked about LOST more than any other topic on this site, and for reason. I'd like to take a moment and remind everyone that both Andy and Dave would be clueless about the show if it wasn't for me. When I was a sophomore, I skipped an afternoon of classes and forced Andy to watch disc 1. Later that week, I forced Dave to watch disc 1. From then on out, we watched Seasons 1, 2, 3, and 4 together, hatching crazy theories, predictions, and lame jokes. It kind of sucks watching Season 5 by myself, but Mrs. Herb is slowly becoming a fan. If I ever wanted to pull a Kutner, I would at least wait until the end of the show before blowing my brains out.

WALL OF FAME: Person of the Year

With all due respect to the very deserving Henry Gale and the significantly less deserving Capt. Sully, no one dominated the year more than Bill O. This month is his 100th month atop the cable news rankings (no one came close to topping him). Out of the many interviews I watched during primary season of HIilary, McCain, and Obamamania, no one stuck to their guns more than O'Reilly. He didn't let them meander there answers through convienent talking points, and he was the first journalist to break open the Bill Ayers controversy. His new book is still climbing up the charts, he went viral for a rant on Inside Edition, and most recently, he handled himself terrificly while on enemy turf (the Letterman show). I used to be a Glenn Beck man, but it's hard to root for a guy that cries a lot on TV. Liberals like to slam Bill O, mostly for his Fox News affiliation. If only they knew that his is against the War on Terror and has liberal guests on his show every night, they would be singing a different tune. Top Ten's 2008-09 Man of the Year (and April inductee) is the original Culture Warrior himself, Bill O'Reilly.


With apologies to Barry Obama, there might no other person in the country more polarizing than OctoMom, whatever her name is. We all know the story. This mentally sick woman was sad as a kid growing up by herself, so, father figure be damned, she decided to artificially give birth to a total of 14 sprouts. We can blame her fertility doctor for loading her up with 8 embryos even though she couldn't afford the 6 kids she aleady had (the doc is responsible for those, too). We could blame OctoMom for firing the FREE NANNIES that were helping her at home. But the end, we should blame the American people who sympathized with her and donated enough money so she could afford to go shopping for million-dollar homes. As my brother said (and emailed to her), he already donates enough to her through the taxes that most honest Americans have to pay. Freeloaders suck, and so does the OctoMom, the Top Ten 2008-09 Worst Person of the Year!

After 45 issues and roughly 450 articles, I was curious to see what did, in fact, get the most coverage on this site. Bear in mind, this is just a rough tabulation from the archives, it might not be 100% accurate (I'm very tired). Of the 450 articles...

- LOST did indeed receive the most attention. We wrote 34 articles on LOST.

- Batman articles came in second, with 31 articles on the year.

- The Steelers placed third with 28 articles

- In fourth, Senator-turned-President Obama had 24 articles

- We wrote about the Pens 19 times

- Finally, we wrote about Indy 4 17 times

All of the Subjects above had at least one Top Ten List written about them.

Other notables: McCain (15), Ricky Gervais (9), the Olympics (8), the Office/Harrison Ford (7)

Also, this site gave official movie reviews of 30 movies, past and present, and we also reviewed 6 video games.

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It's really hard to believe that this website has been going strong for one full year.  99.9% of the credit has to go to Dan for keeping the site afloat and relevant.  All I really do is write a few paragraphs every week or so and sometimes do a Top Ten about once a month.  Just like the beginning, Top Ten remains heavily conservative and pro-Pittsburgh, which is great.  Besides Doc Jensen, this website has some of the most cutting edge LOST content and discussion on the internet.  Hopefully Top Ten continues its solid run and makes it through year two as swiftly as it did during year one.  When nothing else pops into my mind, I usually write about sports.  Here are my Top Ten sports moments from the past year (April 2008-April 2009), and wow, what a great year it has been.

10.  3/28/09 - Villanova 78 Pittsburgh 76 - Even though it was a loss, it was one of the better college basketball games I have ever watched.  It was nice to see Pitt make it past the Sweet 16 even though they missed out on the Final Four.  This is probably the furthest the Panthers will go in the foreseeable future.

9.  1/11/09 - Steelers 35 Chargers 24 - The ESPN idiots were praising the great Chargers all week.  After the Steeler victory, I thought to myself, if the Steelers play to their capabilities, they are going to win the Super Bowl.

8.  5/18/08 - Penguins 6 Flyers 0 - Pundits were saying the edge was with Philly after their game four victory.  The Pens quickly put that to rest with an absolute shellacking in game five and moved on to the Stanley Cup finals for the first time in roughly 15 years.

7.  12/7/08 - Steelers 20 Cowboys 13 - Romo throwing interceptions and Terrell Owens crying on the sideline.  Is there anything better than that for Steeler fans?

6.  4/25/08 - Penguins 5 Rangers 4 - I thought New York may pose a challenge to Pittsburgh in the second round of the playoffs.  Things were not looking great with an early 2-0 or 3-0, can't remember, lead for the Rangers.  The Pens came storming back and capped it all off with a Sidney Crosby third period go ahead goal.  Game one was the turning point of this series and propelled the Pens past the Rangers and subsequently past the Flyers.

5.  12/14/08 - Steelers 13 Ravens 9 - Before this game, I was not the biggest Big Ben supporter.  After, I realized he was a true winner.

4.  10/25/08 - Penn State 13 Ohio State 6 - I remember being so nervous beforehand and was just pacing around my living room during the entire game.  This was probably Penn State's best road win since the 1980s and propelled them to stay in the hunt for the National Championship Game.

3.  6/2/08 - Penguins 4 Red Wings 3 - After the first two games, I think we realized it would take a monumental effort to beat the mighty wings, but this game made Penguin fans believe.  Marc-Andre Fleury moved into the upper echelon of NHL goaltenders, and Petr Sykora capped off a game for the ages.

2.  1/18/09 - Steelers 23 Ravens 14 - Pittsburgh's first home win in an AFC Championship game since the Jim Harbaugh game in early 1996.  Top it off with a victory over the most hated Ravens, then you have an easy pick for inclusion towards the top of this list.

1.  2/1/09 - Steelers 27 Cardinals 23 - The James Harrison interception.  The Ben Roethlisberger drive.  The Santonio Holmes catch.  What a game, and what a way to cap off Pittsburgh's magical season.  If you are from the Pittsburgh area and were born after 1980, this is probably the greatest game of your life, and along with the 2005 season, the greatest feeling a Pittsburgh fan can have.


This Week:


10. The Tailies

LOST was riding high at the end of season one thanks to its 20 million viewers (isn't it weird that the lowest rated ep. from season one was the awesome Jack-centric "White Rabbit," and the highest rated episode from season one was the stinky Kate-centric "Whatever the Case May Be" (That's also when Sayid started getting close to Shannon. Barf.) But anyway, Season 2 started off with an astounding 23 million viewers, but that number dropped more and more each week. Why? My belief is that it is the stupid tailies fault. In an effort to keep things fresh, the writers brought in the survivors from the tail section of the plane, but that meant giving even less screen time to the 12 or so main characters from season 1. One episode (the Other 48 days) was an exclusive Tailie episode. I think that the new viewers that signed up for Season 2 didn't get that a lot of the big guns were only in one scene each week. And what have the Tailies done since arriving? Eko was killed in Season 3 (he quit the show), The DUI sisters were dropped at the end of season 2, and Bernard is the only one left alive (but is currently MIA). It wouldn't bother me so much except that these characters contribute almost nothing to the overall mythology of the show. They didn't solve any big mysteries or create many big events. They were just some extra pieces brought in to be moved by bigger and better characters. I think we can all agree that we would've rather seen more Locke, Jack, and even Charlie than these bums. (For all the screen time they got that year, they were outdone by the other new addition that year... Henry Gale)

9. Anthony Cooper Goes to the Island

In season 3 (the Man From Tallahassee) when Ben talked about a magic box that could give you anything you ever wanted, would any of us expect that something to be Locke's dad?!?!? No, because this is one of the worst twists that the smug writers could ever come up with. The fact that Cooper is also the original Sawyer who caused the murder-suicide is actually a great twist. But for us to believe that Alpert and the Others kidnapped Cooper, brought him to the Island on the sub just so Locke could kill him is a bit of a stretch. I don't see why Locke having to kill his dad is a prerequisite for joining the Others, and I just sour about the whole thing. Wouldn't it have been cooler if the original Sawyer, after conning the Fords, left and joined the Dharma Iniative? Wouldn't it have been better that when Sawyer travels back in time to the 70s, only then does he encounter some guy with "Sawyer" on his jumpsuit. Plus, he couldn't kill him without compromising his position with the Dharma folks, so who knows how long he would've had to wait. Admit it; my story is ten times better than loser Sawyer giving papa Locke the Jabba treatment in the Black Rock.

8. The Significance of Aaron

Ever since the beginning, Aaron was supposed to be this incredibly unique child. He was born on the Island. The psychic said that he was not to be raised by another. Well Kate raised him for 3 years and then left him behind with his grandma. I guess you could even say that Claire was punished for NOT giving him up (she is now hanging with her undead pops in the cabin). The Others wanted to cut the kid out of her but failed. Big deal. Unless the Losties get off the Island AGAIN, which doesn't seem likely, we may never see Aaron ever again (and really, none of us want to).

7. The Hydra Station

Season 3 started off with such a bang. We were finally going to learn about the Others and find out why they have this beef with our castaways. But the first 3rd of the season took place in those lame cages. The story was almost always focused on Jack, Sawyer, or Kate, leaving Locke and Co. in the dust. The scenery never changed, and then when they finally broke out of the lame cages, LOST went on a 3 month break. The writers like to excuse this by saying "Well, we felt metaphorically that we were trapped in cages because LOST didn't have an end date." Great. You suck.

6. Time Travel Conundrums

I've always thought that if you're going to introduce time travel into any movie or show, you have to be wary about how you use it because everything has to fit. There must be no room for "Well... that doesn't seem right." Give credit to the dopey writers of Lost for taking us to the 70s, but there are still some questions to be asked. For instance, at the end of Season 3, Ben, on the radio, orders the deaths of Jin, Sayid, and Bernard. How can he do this when he knows that Jin and Sayid end up in the 70s with the Dharma folk? At the beginning of Season 3, Ben okays the execution of Sawyer via angry Pickett. How can he order this when he knows Sawyer ends up in the 70s? Why would Ben tempt fate like this? Just saying that "whatever happens is supposed to happen" is a cop out. We know that Ben has some memory of the past because he remembers Juliet (remember the loser therapist saying she looks just like her?), so how can he remember her and not remember LaFleur? How could he not remember Sayid as the guy who shot him 30 years ago? How could he not remember Miles (when he walked in demanded millions of dollars) as the security guy from 30 years ago?  Why was he surprised when Bentham told him that Jin was alive when he knows that Jin ends up in the 70s, alive and well? Only some of this could be explained by...

5. Baby Ben Forgets His Past

The premier example of lazy writing. I was much happier thinking that Ben knew all along what Sayid was (he seems to imply this at Habitat for Humanity) and chose to play it close to the vest like he does with, oh I dunno, EVERY OTHER BIG SECRET! Ben is notorious for lying and hiding the whole story, this could've been the best example of that. Instead, Dick Alpert takes him down into and robs the kid of innocence in a sleazy, Jessica's law kind of way. I refuse to believe that Ben would have no memory of his time with Lafleur, Juliet, Jin, and Miles.

4. The Significance of Walt

Even more so than Aaron, Walt was the "special" one on the Island. He could make birds commit suicide! He made us believe that he manifested that polar bear from the comic book! There was so much for potential for what could become of Walt. The Others went after him just like they went after Aaron, yet in the end, Walt sails away with his dad and never looks back. He ends up hating his dad for what he did to Libby and Ana Lucia, and just when you think that he might be coming back, Bentham decides to not invite him. What a waste...

3. Kate's Reduced Sentence

Not only was Kate guilty of pre-meditated murder, but she also ran from the law numerous times, caused the death of her old boyfriend, and robbed a bank. When she finally was brought before a judge, her defense was "he deserved getting blown up, and oh, by the way, 5 years later I would crash on the Island and, according to my buddy Jack, I turn out to be a pretty swell hero." And just because her mom refuses to testify, she gets ZERO prison time!?!?! She is given 10 years probation and is not allowed to leave the state (which she ends up doing, anyway). Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb.

2. Season 3 Flashbacks

In season one, using flashbacks as a storytelling device was a fresh and original idea. We got to learn about Locke's past as a pussy cripple. We got to see Jack's drunkard of a father. And we got to find out all the skeletons in the castaways closets. In season 2, we were still happy to see more Sawyer cons and Sayid torturing his superior officer in Iraq. We even got some fresh meat from the Tailies (meh) and Desmond in the big finale. But in Season 3, the device starts to fall to pieces. Fantastic flashbacks from Ben, Juliet, Desmond, and Hurley couldn't save it, either. This season would have Sun cheating on Jin with the bald manky English teacher, Locke working on a weed farm (!?!?!), and goth Claire in the hospital. Oh, and how about the widely recognized (even by Cuse and Lindleof) WORST episode in series history, Stranger in a Strange Land? "Let's tell a story about Jack's tattoos!!!!" In the old days, when Andy, Dave and I would watch LOST in the dorms, there was build-up and anticipation when the episode started because we wanted to know who the focus of the flashback was. But around this time in Season 3, we really just wanted to get back to the Island events.

1. Nikki and Paulo

They tried adding castaways from the other end of the plan and failed, in my opinion. They tried introducing brand new characters from the Island (the Others), and it was a stroke of genius. In Season 3, the writers thought to themselves "Hey, we've got plenty of castaways walking around in the background, let's try and tell their side of the story." And thus, Nikki and Paolo were abruptly thrown into the mix. It was like the stinky LOST video game, where you bring in some nobody loser to interact with the heavyweights of the show. The characters weren't likable, and frankly, weren't needed. Once again, LOST had plenty of main characters to work with, there was no reason to stretch themselves even thinner. The only redeeming part of their story was Sawyer repeatedly saying "Who the hell is Nikki?" just like the rest of us. And while I did enjoy their fun send off episode (a cool plot if nothing else), these two will never ever ever ever ever be missed. The writers learned their lesson, and next season they brought in some talent fresh off the boat (pun!!!!).



Last week, the LOST I had with my brother drew some rave reviews, so we are back again this week to spread our musings. To eliminate any confusion, I replaced our screennames with our actual names.

Dr. Jay: so when ben said "tell my dad im sorry....blablaba" he croaked

Dr. Jay: then came back evil

Dr. Jay: just like JLOCKE will be

Herb:i suppose

Herb:im not sure about that exchange

Herb:and i was wrong about loser aaron

Dr. Jay: aaron sucks

Herb:he was in 4 out of 4 scenes instead of my 3 out of 4 prediction

Dr. Jay: kates story was stuuuupid and opens all sorts of stuuuupid questions

Herb:for instance, what gives cassidy the right to bash jack?

Herb:how dare she

Dr. Jay: that whole story has always been dumb

Dr. Jay: why is kate blabbing

Dr. Jay: i thought kate was mr. tough guy

Dr. Jay: and wouldnt cassidy/grandma claire want to spill the beans to other ppl

Herb:what i hated was that, after kate leaves aaron, she goes over to jacks for some sex

Herb:and she tells him that hes not allowed to ask about aaron

Herb:if she had told him that she gave aaron to grandma littleton, he wouldnt care

Herb:its not a big deal

Herb:for all we know, they did spill the beans

Dr. Jay: how quickly juliette forgets the good things jack did for her

Herb:i hated that scene, too. it couldve been great, but it was too short and nothing was said

Herb:the question is, why does effeminate Richard Alpert like taking little boys down into the temple to rob them of their innocence?!?!?!?


Herb:or ellie

Herb:heres a query

Herb:the loser Other referred to them almost like they were a couple... "charles and ellie"

Herb:we know ellie is faradays mother

Herb:perhaps chucky is his daddy?

Herb:and penny has a brother?

Dr. Jay: ugh

Herb:also explains why chuck widmore was footing the bill for faradays crazy ex

Dr. Jay: if he hates desmond, imagine his thoughts for loser farradday


Herb:what a lame cover up for them to say that kid ben "won't remember any of this"

Herb:and thats why he doesnt recognize sayid in season 2

Herb:lazy storytelling

Dr. Jay: do you think locke coming back to life will turn him evil

Dr. Jay: but he seems to remember ben

Dr. Jay: so maybe not

Dr. Jay: also

Dr. Jay: im rewatching the previews

Herb:i dont know what to think about locke, we havent seen him enough

Dr. Jay: it looks like the dock showdown will happen

Dr. Jay: suck it penny

Herb:the fact they acknowledge the showdown in the previews makes me believe that she'll survive

Dr. Jay: well the lay man might not know what that means.  its just a seen with a gun

Herb:whatever happens, ben ends up getting the hell beat out of him

Dr. Jay: but escapees with his life

Dr. Jay: my question is

Dr. Jay: what is the purpose of miles

Dr. Jay: what was ever his purpose

Herb:when they brought along a ghostbuster at the beginning of last season, i always thought the big plan was for him to talk to jacob

Herb:but this whole season, hes been useless

Herb:still cool, but useless

Herb:so what is everyone's true purpose? whats the next big course of action?

Herb:kate wants to find claire

Herb:sayid believed he was meant to kill ben

Dr. Jay: FAIL

Herb:i guess they are just going to twiddle their thumbs until the incident happens?

Dr. Jay: lots of episodes left til mmay sweeps

Dr. Jay: like 7 or 8 ??

Herb:more like 5 or 6

Herb:it's 5

Herb:great, imdb says the title of the finale is...

Herb:"The Incident"

Dr. Jay: ding ding i win

Dr. Jay: but like u said

Dr. Jay: why have they already started building the desmond hatch

Dr. Jay: when no incident has yet occurred

Herb:and, how was smoky created?

Dr. Jay: true - u dont see him running around in the 70s do you

Herb:perhaps the biggest question of the night...

Herb:why would the doc put his shirt on while dripping wet?!??!

Herb:that must be incredibly uncomfortable

Dr. Jay: the shirt was also pre-soaked

Dr. Jay: form-fitting, if you will

Dr. Jay: juliette acted like she didnt notice

Herb:her mind was occupied

Herb:it was all she could do to stop from ripping his towel off

Dr. Jay: kate was right about one thing though

Dr. Jay: nobody likes new boring jack

Dr. Jay: he needs a 60 minute jungle adventure in the worst way

Herb:i like him

Herb:and besides, what could he do if he was still acting like old jack?

Herb:who was the little girl in the promo?

Dr. Jay: i dont know what u  mean

Herb:which question

Dr. Jay: the girl

Herb:i remember seeing a girl and ben saying something like "you're lucky you're alive" or something like that

Herb:baby alex, maybe?

Dr. Jay: i dunno

Herb:season 3 finale: sayid, bernard, and jin get captured on the beach and ben orders the deaths of them all. why would he do this if he knows they are supposed to go back in time?

Dr. Jay: well hold on a tic

Dr. Jay: nobody had mentioned moving the island yet

Dr. Jay: that was the big revelation that made ben's eyes bulge

Dr. Jay: so maybe he thought he didnt have to do any of that until CSHEP made the call to the bullpen

Herb:so what does that mean?

Herb:im brainstorming a top ten list of LOST blunders, and the abundance of time travel questions like that one are on the list

Herb:other things that LOST dropped the ball on: Kate getting zero jail time for premeditated murder, the significance of walt (and aaron for that matter)

Dr. Jay: im saying, maybe ben thought things were gonna be different and maybe he thought the island would never need movied

Herb:so ben didnt know that you cant change the past?

Dr. Jay: maybe

Dr. Jay: kate made a plea deal

Herb:doesnt matter

Herb:no one gets 10 years probation for admitting murder

Herb:especially when their defense is "well, uh, 5 years later when i crash on an island, i turn into a pretty big hero. also, i have a son?"

Herb:also ben ordered the execution of sawyer by picket

Herb:we have to assume that baby ben knew a little about the past, because that explains his puppy dog crush on juliet in the future

Dr. Jay: its called celebrity treatment, why lindsay lohan can get boozed, baked, and slam her car into something....then get press instead of fines

Herb:weak excuse, it stays on my list

Dr. Jay: yeah i agree with the juliet thing.  i think the next episode or two, his memory will be fine, to the dismay of alpert

Dr. Jay: just like locke

Dr. Jay: and the chief of surgery

Herb:can you think of any big blunders? im up to 9

Dr. Jay: let me think

Herb:i have...

Dr. Jay: namely, jack's supposed dependence on pills that lasted for like 3 days

Dr. Jay: now hes fine, and what happened to make him fine?

Herb:the island cured his dependence?

Dr. Jay: his life is even stupider and crazier than it was before.  hardly stable

Dr. Jay: that should be #1

Dr. Jay: any thing that is a loophole = the island said so

Herb:when they flashed back to the docks, i thought it was funny that jacks hair since then had grown about a months worth in only 2 days

Dr. Jay: oh locke got shot in the belly......GOOD THING I DONT HAVE A KIDNEY, JAMES!

Herb:that was cool

Dr. Jay: tony soprano gets shot in the belly and is in a 2 month coma

Dr. Jay: which is realistic

Herb:yeah, so are his crazy dreams

Dr. Jay: a 10yr old twap gets it square in the chest and lives fine

Herb:but thats like any show, not just LOST

Dr. Jay: agreed

Herb:just like when keamy stormed the Barracks and those 3 nobodies went down with one shot

Herb:although, shannon, and ana lucia where dead from one shot?

Herb:so maybe its just a woman thing

Herb:and of course, the island didnt want baby ben to die because he wasnt supposed to

Dr. Jay: yyyyyep

Dr. Jay: tom = one shot

Dr. Jay: fake sawyer = one shot

Dr. Jay: so it was ONLY sayids purpose left in life to go baaaack and take care of ben

Dr. Jay: he is a failure, the remainder of the show

Dr. Jay: one of the most disappointing characters

Herb:for now, we dont know what his true destiny is

Herb:only 5 episodes left in the season, they wont be sticking around in the 70s much longer

Herb :why is it that kate is a millionaire living in 2007, yet she her phone sucks worse than yours?

Herb :how great would it have been if, when jack called her at the grocery store, we see a little ID pic of him on the screen and hes making some goofy face?

Herb :that would be even funnier than jack putting on a tshirt whilst dripping wet

Herb:jacks phone number is 323 555 0156

Herb:otherwise known as 8 15 156

Herb:aka 815 156

Herb:we know what 815 is, but what is 156?

Herb:as of now, jack has spent roughly 110 days on the island

Herb:perhaps 156 is the total number of days he will spend on the island before he completes his destiny?

Herb:this is my idea, not stolen from the boards, so make sure you give me credit when i am proven right