Online Journal Club

Due to disruption of regular academic activities in the wake of covid 19 pandemic, usual journal club activities had to be postponed. We have started online HEP journal club in June 2020.

List of speakers:

  • Lopamudra Mukherjee (June 4, Topic: Higgs Portal From The Atmosphere To Hyper-K, Reference: arxiv:2005.08980 )

  • Prantik Sarmah (June 11, Topic: Excess in the Cosmic Radio Background, Reference: arxiv: 0901.0555 , arxiv:1305.7060 )

  • Subhaditya Bhattacharya (July 2, Topic: Single Top with Z and H production at LHC: SMEFT approach, Reference: arxiv: 1804.07773 )

  • Dibyendu Nanda (July 16, Topic: Hubble tension and its connection with self-interacting neutrinos. Reference: arxiv:1902.00534 , arxiv:1905.02727 )

  • Kajal Samanta (August 29, Topic: Recent results of 3 loop QCD computation of SM Drell-Yan process at LHC, Reference: arxiv:2007.13313 , arxiv:2001.07717 )

  • Samik Mitra (September 10, Topic: Plasmoid formation in global GRMHD simulations and AGN flares, Reference: arxiv:2002.01777)

  • Santrabrata Das ( September 24, Topic: Strongly magnetized accretion disks: structure and accretion from global magnetohydrodynamic simulations, Reference: arxiv:1907.08995)

  • Ipsita Ray (September 17, Topic: CP violation from dimension-6 Yukawa couplings, Reference: arxiv:2003.00099 , arxiv:1911.08495)

  • Sahabub Jahedi (October 1, Topic: Characterization of Dark Matter in direct detection experiments: Singlino versus Higgsino, Reference: arxiv:2008.06778 , arxiv:0907.4374)

Platform: Microsoft Team

Student Secretary of HEP Journal Club

  • Arghyajit Datta (2020-21)

  • Dibyendu Nanda (2019-20)

  • Rishav Roshan (2018-19)

  • Dr. Purusottam Ghosh (2017-18)

  • Dr. Abhijit Kumar Saha (2016-17)

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