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Birth of a Legend:  Henxmen during the 14th century

This website is one of a group, that constitutes a complete and reliable web-based sourcebook about the Henxmen, predecessors of the HINKSMAN and HINXMAN families.

This one aims to provide details of every known reference to the original Henxmen during the 14th century, from their creation circa 1345 to the end of the millenium.

It is a collection of copies of original records, factual accounts and commentaries, each transcribed to their own webpage, and set in chronological order.  Each source webpage provides core data under the following headings:

Overview, Source Transcript, and References

This website is also a work in progress.  The intention is that for each source, the website will include relevant illustrations, plus help with interpretation as appropriate under the headings of:

Translation, Glossary, and Notes

These supporting features are being developed and added as resources allow.  Any significant new additions will be announced on Facebook (see below).  Meanwhile, you're invited to access the website while it grows to completion.  Some real treats await you!

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King Edward III:  Founder of the Henxmen in circa 1345.
Detail from a monochrome engraving.  Found in:  Joshua BARNES.  1688.  The History of that Most Victorious Monarch Edward III, King of England and France, and Lord of Ireland and First Founder of the Most Noble Order of the Garter: Being a Full and Exact Account of the Life and Death of the said King, Together with That of his Most renowned Son Edward, Prince of Wales and of Aquitain, sirnamed the Black Prince, Faithfully and carefully Collected from the Best and most Antient Authors Domestick and Foreign, Printed Books, Manuscripts and Records.  Frontispiece, facing title page.  John HAYES. Cambridge, England.  Collection of Richard HINXMAN.  Copyright © Richard HINXMAN 2016.

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