Nick Hentoff's Criminal Cases

A collection of news articles on criminal cases in which Nick Hentoff appeared as an attorney of record:

Nick Hentoff Quoted in News Report as Lawyer for Victim's Family in Drunk Driving Homicide Case
Nick Hentoff - Local Columnists Coverage of Nick Hentoff's Representation of Victim's Family in DUI Homicide Case

Bergeron v. O'Neill: The reported decision in which Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice Strike Force attorneys appeared on behalf of individual members: Bergeron ex rel. Perez v. O'Neil, 205 Ariz. 640, 74 P.3d 952 (App. 2003).
From the Newsletter of the Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice (AACJ):
"Eleanor Miller, Ralph Ellinwood and Nick Hentoff appeared on behalf of individual members in both the trial court and at the Arizona Court of Appeals, Division 2, that held, "Judges' orders, requiring attorneys to explain their reasons for having filed notices of change of judges in various criminal actions, after attorneys had avowed that their notices were not being filed for any improper purpose, contradicted purpose of criminal procedure rule governing change of judge on request; perceived policy benefits of rule depended on mechanism by which litigants could remove judge without explaining basis for doing so."

Twist in Death of Child: Foster Home Aide Admits Lie in Case by Nick Hentoff