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Nick Hentoff -- a former member of the Board of the
Arizona Civil Liberties Union in the 1990's and a long-term member of the  AzCLU's legal committee -- handled a number of civil rights cases pro bono as an ACLU cooperating attorney.
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Harris v. Cardwell

The AzCLU's Spring 2007 Newsletter reported on Harris v. Cardwell, a prison conditions case.   Nick Hentoff was asked by the AzCLU Executive Director to take this case over after the attorney with primary responsibility for the case fell ill.  After the Assistant Attorney General represented to the Court that the original files in the thirty-year old case could not be located, Nick Hentoff conducted his own search and was able to locate the complete case file with all of the original court orders.

From Page 3:

This case involves an ACLU suit that resulted in an comprehensive consent decree that was entered by the federal district court thirty years ago. The decree requires changes in a number of practices in the Florence Prison Complex,including medical services. The state is now seeking termination of the decree pursuant to the Prison Litigation Reform Act. ACLU cooperating attorney Nick Hentoff is representing the prisoners and has filed a brief in opposition to this request. He is seeking the appointment of an independent monitor to evaluate present conditions at the prison.

Nick Hentoff Phoenix Arizona Attorney Prison Conditions Lawsuit - AzCLU Spring 2007 Newsletter

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