Mr. Dickie
Welcome to the Henthorn Genealogy site on Google.

I'm experimenting to see if this free service can be used to help me reestablish a genealogy presence on the Internet.  It's not clear from the information provided how it works.  I've limited access to only those I invite.
Bear with me as I learn about how it works.  I'm not certain how much interest I have at this point or how much time I am willing to spend.
To begin I'll post some PDF files in the File Cabinet.  If you have a copy of the free Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer you can open the file to read it on your computer screen or you can save the file on your own hard drive and read or print it later.
At this time I am not seeking to add information to my genealogy files.  I have had too many computer disasters.  Also I don't prepare reports on request.  "What you see is what you get."

As of March 2018 I am considering making some updates and additions to this website. I'm going to move some of my content from WikiSpaces which is going to shutdown i 2018. 

Please bear with me as I experiment and learn more about Google Sites. I own a tattered copy of Google Sites & Chrome for Dummies (2009) which is the same version that I see on my county library catalog. I'm reading the book again to refresh my memory and understanding. 

My first project will be to create a Links page and add content. I made some progress. 
  • I added two Scrabble images to the top of the Links page. 
  • I created a Table of Contents box for the Links page. 
  • I learned how to turn off the display of the page name at the top of the page. 
  • I learned how to edit the Navigation side bar.
  • I added a Links tab, above the Navigation side bar.

Dick Henthorn
(Revised: 13 March 2018)