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Q:  How does gameplay work and how do you "win" the game?

The game is being designed as an open-world environment.  It will be very similar to how adventure mode on Dwarf Fortress is played.  There is no "win" condition defined.  You just play and explore the world.

Q:  So a roguelike... what about graphics and animation?

The game will not have animations, and the default graphics will be ascii based.  A feature allowing players to use "Texture Packs" will be added later so that players may use sprite graphics if they wish. 

Q:  How do you plan to deal with unwanted fetishes in the game?

Well there are two solutions that I plan to implement to address this problem.

The first - add customized settings for world generation that lets a player filter out unwanted NPCs, items, fetishes, and other content to their liking.

The second - a fetish menu for the player to pick from in the character creation. Every type of fetish in the game will be listed and the player can toggle between which fetishes cause arousal, repulsion, or neither for their character.

Q:  What type of fetishes will NOT be included in the game?

Guro, Loli, Scat, and Watersports. (although there is a chance someone may decide to make a mod for these)

Q:  Which monster classes will be included in the game?

[ANGEL] - Valkeryie
[DEMON] - Succubus, Imp Girl
[UNDEAD] - Vampire
[FURRY] - Nekomata, Kitsune
[INSECT] - Spider Girl, Bee Girl
[BEAST] - Cowgirl, Unicorn Girl, Grizzly Woman
[HUMANOID] - Human, Elf
[NAGGA] - Basilisk Woman, Lamia
[ETHEREAL] - Goo (slime) Girl, Elemental, Golem
[PLANT] - Dryad, Alaruane
[WINGED] - Harpie, Dragon Girl
[MYTHICAL] - Fairy, Jinn, Siren
[AQUATIC] - Mermaid

Q:  How long will development take?

If I achieve my basic funding goal - that will give me at least eight months to develop the game full-time. For each stretch goal met, tack on an additional few months for total time to develop.

Q:  What platforms is this be playable on?

SQ uses LÖVE2D, making it cross-platform.  It runs on Windows, Mac, & Linux.  At this time there are no plans to have the game run on any type of phone.