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SnapTrack-J Guide

Okay,here's your ultra-rapid guide.


System requirements

Java 1.6 must be installed.


Just unzip to a suitable location.


If .jar files are associated with Java, you should be able to launch the SnapTrak-J.jar file directly.
If that doesn't work, try the run.bat file.
If that doesn't work, go have a beer and hit Google ;)

Using SnapTrak-J

Creating a new layout

  • Select File > New Layout.
  • In the Layout description field at the bottom of the window, enter a description for your layout.

Adding sections

  • From the track box tree at the left of the window, select the track you want to add.
  • Click on the main window and the section will be added.
  • Every time you click on the main window, another section will be added.
  • To add a different section, just pick another one from the tree and keep on clicking.

Connecting sections

  • Move a section by clicking anyway on the main body of the section; do not click on the connection nodes.
  • Hold the mouse button down and drag the section until a node at one end overlaps a node on the end of the section you want to connect to.
  • Release the mouse and the two sections should snap together.

Automatically closing a the layout

  • If you have a circuit where the end nodes seem very close, you can hold down the shift key and click on one of the end nodes. The program will try to join the track using the available slack. Satisfaction is not guaranteed. :)

Disconnecting sections

  • Just drag a section away using the left mouse button and it will be automatically disconnected.

Deleting sections

  • Just drag a section off the window using the left mouse button. It will then be deleted.

Repositioning the layout

  • Drag a section using the right mouse button and the section will be moved along with any other sections to which it is connected.
  • Drag a node at the end of a section using the left mouse button to drag the sections by their 'nose'. It will make sense if you try it :)
  • Drag a node that is in the middle of a series of connected sections to reposition using any available slack in the connections.
  • Hold down the Shift key and then drag a section using the right mouse button to rotate the layout.
  • Double click on a section to move it under the others.

Saving your layout

  • Select File > Save the layout or File > Save the layout as to save your work.
  • Select File > Export as Image to save as a png file.

Viewing the sections you've used

  • Select View > Show inventory to see a list of all the sections in your layout.
  • If you select Save from the inventory view, an html report will be created along with a screenshot of the layout.
  • The inventory shows a shortages column as well. To use this you will need to create a personal inventory list so SnapTrack knows what you have. See Personal inventory.

Adjusting the view

  • Select View > Hide nodes and View > Show nodes to switch the nodes on and off.
  • Select View > Show IDs and View > Hide IDs to switch the nodes on and off.


All track definitions can be created by just creating simple XML definitions. See Custom definitions.

Anything else it does you can find out by playing :)