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SnapTrack-J is a Java version of the original SnapTrack application. This version should be more usable on modern operating systems. The program is free but if you do use it and it doesn't drive you mad, please consider making a donation to a registered charity of your own choice. Charities you might like to consider are Oxfam or Unicef.

There's no installation. Just download (the attachment is at the bottom), unzip to a suitable location and go. If you have .jar files associated with Java, you should be able to double click on the SnapTrack-J.jar file. If that doesn't work, try running the run.bat file.

The application requires Java 1.6 to be installed on your system.

It should be reasonably intuitive but there is the briefest of guides on-line as well.

Note it's been redesigned so that anyone can create an xml file defining any section they like.
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Steve Butler,
17 Jun 2013, 15:22