Do you ever get frustrated when trying to build your latest circuit with your Scalextric â„¢ racing set? After carefully connecting all the track pieces together, you find that you always seem to be missing the one or two pieces necessary to complete the circuit.

Every new layout you devise seems to be close - but not quite achievable.

SnapTrack is designed to allow you to create your circuits on the screen of your PC. Only after you are certain that your design will work and that you have sufficient track pieces, do you need to begin the task of actually physically connecting the track together.

With its intuitive user interface, SnapTrack is the easiest way to design your Scalextricâ„¢ layouts.

The original program is still available but there is also a new Java version, SnapTrak-J, available if you want to give it a try. Slot car track design was never easier.

Get SnapTrak-J. The new version.

Get SnapTrack Original. This is the old one.

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