Richard and Julie's story

Betrayal and revenge claw at a young man's sanity as he struggles to make sense of the past.

Richard and Julie are a young, ordinary couple living a reasonably comfortable life in the suburbs. Richard’s mother recently passed away and he and Julie now have the distressing task of sorting out her belongings. As they work through boxes and boxes of old photographs and cuttings, Richard starts to realise that his life is not as straightforward or mundane as he might have thought. Secrets and lies from the past begin to unwind and one thing becomes clear – Richard's life is never going to be the same again. Everything is about to change.

Trailer for When Cuckoos Wear Black - Richard and Julie's Story. The music (the best part of the trailer) is 'I See' from the album 'Public Domain' by Tryad. They've got some great work so please check them out at

Richard and Julie's story is available on demand at Lulu.  96 pages all wrapped up in its shiny black cover.