Unexpectedly, there were several failures.The loyal ones, Henry's son and two girls, were grim and suspicions of legitimacy from the citizens involved Henry's children who followed their father's way of ruling. The Church became a hinder to Henry in his case, because the wealth of the Church being paid for government policies strengthened the nobility strong enough to resist the monarch. The new trade routes brought to Europe were ignored by the king and, the navy and ship expansion were ignored. The wars with France and Scotland wasted more goods and army than what English army gained and the decrease in English wealth fastened the country to cause rapid growth in inflation.

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rue that Henry's various failed attempt in gaining what he wanted effected his nation greatly, but at the same time, he had accomplished many things as well. His position as a king was strengthened and the status quo of the monarchy in England changed for the better. control of the country was easily done since there was neither an opposing army nor a  bureaucracy. The position and the authority of the pope was excluded and the power of clergy decreased. In order to protect his nation, a navy was created. Wales was accepted by England and Welshmen were granted equal rights, terminating the great power that Church possessed long time ago at the same time.