King Henry VIII is famous for his brutal treatment toward his whole family members, including his wives and children. For example, Loyal Catherine of Aragon was divorced by force, and Henry decided to execute Anne Boleyn and Catherine of Aragon for the sake of having a boy who can inherit his throne. His children were also famous for being omnipotent, including Queen Mary Tudor, Queen Elizabeth I and King Edward VI who continued the Tudor generations. Despite these brutal actions, Henry was able to accomplish many goals in various areas such as religion, politic, military, and of course, personal achievements.

Religious Accomplishments of Henry VIII


·         During his early years Henry VIII  wrote the book called the 'Declaration of the Seven Sacraments Against Martin Luther' with Sir Thomas More in 1520.

·         In 1521 Henry VIII was awarded with the title 'Defender of the Faith' by Pope Leo X which was used as English monarch title until not.

·         Established the Church of England in 1534 and the Act of Supremacy, gaining omnipotent power.

·         Started the dissolution of the monasteries  in 1536 and increased the wealth in England

Military Accomplishments of Henry VIII



·         Henry VIII started the biggest invasions of France.

·         Thanks to Henry's great success,the Mary Rose was built between 1509 and 1511 as the first English gunship.

·         Henry VIII established  Woolwich and Deptford as the Royal Dockyards between 1511 and 1512.

·         The continuous success in military earned King Henry VIII the title “Father of the English Navy”.

·         Won the Battle of Flodden over Scotland in 1513, ending the battle in 1517.

·         Henry VIII increased the number of battle ships from 5 to about 60 since his reign as the king.

·         Henry VIII created a great numbers of coastal fortresses in the 1540s to defend England against the invasion.

·         Renewed warfare with France and Scotland in 1542.

·         French armies who landed on the English coast between 1545 and 1546 were defeated.

Political Accomplishments of Henry VIII



·         King Henry VIII replaced the feudal concepts with Imperial concepts.

·         Due to Henry VIII's dislike of great of power of the nobles, he increased the power of Parliament and the monarchy for himself.

·         Dissolution of the monasteries caused Henry to create new lands and positions.

·         The Act of Appeals in 1533 was passed to aid the constitutional development.

·         Henry's establishment of the Parliament led to the union of England and Wales in 1536 and 1543.

·         He was granted the title, King of Ireland, by the Irish Parliament in 1541

·         Henry VIII entered politically advantageous marriages with Spain and Germany

Personal Accomplishments of Henry VIII



·         Had children who all ruled as the Kings or Queens of England, such as King Edward VI, Bloody Mary and Queen Elizabeth I

·         Henry VIII was known for having sharp sense in music, comosing 'Greensleeves'.

·         The young Henry was also a great athelte, excelled in riding horses and playing tennis.