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Uechi Ryu Karate is a close range self defense system and one of the most popular karate styles in the world. The system is designed mainly for street self defense rather than sports or showmanship. The self defense aspect is particularly emphasized in the interpretation and application of kata movements.
This fighting style utilizes simple and effective movements. The trainings are designed to improve mental and physical abilities as well as learning standup and ground fighting techniques. No unusual physical flexibility is required and no acrobatic movements are involved. This is also an excellent physical fitness program.
The style was originated in China and was exported to Okinawa in the late 1,800's and later to the United States, Japan, Europe, etc.
 Private Lesson Program
The major benefit of private lessons is the full attention from the instructor. Students have the flexibility to select and emphasize any specific portion of the program dependent upon his/her desire, ability, and progress, all within his/her comfort zone. Some students may wish to concentrate more on the mental aspect and some may want to put more efforts on the physical aspect. Some may want to do more pre-arranged forms (katas), and some may want to spend more time on free sparring or kata application. We can provide a karate program to meet any special interest and needs. 
Although belt colors and grades are insignificant in the overall scheme of martial arts training, this private lesson program is based on a Black Belt program that includes lessons and trainings required and ultimately leads to a Black Belt rating by the International Uechi-ryu Karate Federation (IUKF).

     Generally, the lessons will include all or some of the following:          

  • Strikes, kicks, blocks                                                                     
  • Pre-arranged blocks and counters
  • Pre-arranged sparring movements
  • Pre-arranged forms (katas)
  • Application of kata movements
  • Self defense techniques
  • Free sparring
To fully benefit from a karate program, one will require the determination and discipline of working out several times a week.
Depending on the student's needs and ability, it may not be necessary to have an instructor for every session because he/she may be able to practice the lessons on his/her own. We recommend that the first several lessons to be held with an instructor, then reduce to once or twice a month with an instructor if the student is making good progress on his/her own.

Private Karate Lesson Cost 

The program is intended for private lessons in the privacy and comfort of your own home, or at the trainer's facility in Fairfield, CA.
The lessons are reasonably priced to encourage continuous practices that are necessary for the full benefit of the program. It is recommended that the ten or twenty-session package be purchased at discounted rate although the cost for single sessions is also provided.
  • One 2-hour session: (CONTACT INSTRUCTOR). Add $30 for the additional person.
  • One 1-hour session:  (CONTACT INSTRUCTOR). Maximum 2 persons per session. Add $30 for the additional person.
  • Ten 1-hour package: (CONTACT INSTRUCTOR). Add $20 for the additional person per session. 
NOTES:  1. 10% discount on all subsequent ten 1-hr packages only
             2. Advanced payment in cash or check prior to sessions. Please allow two weeks for check clearance prior to
             3. No spectators, visitors, cameras, or video cameras are allowed during any sessions.


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