Self Defense Lessons

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Private lessons and Seminars
San Francisco Bay Area, Contra Costa County, Solano County
This is a realistic self defense program. It consists of mental and physical self defense material that is effective for protecting yourself in the streets. The material in this course is designed for practical use in the real world. There are no frills and no fancy techniques.  You will learn to combine the proper mindset with simple but effective techniques that will give you a high probability of success against attacks, from an experienced instructor who has been through it in the streets. 
This program is intended for private individual home lessons or group training / seminars in your place of business. The lessons can also be taught at the trainer's facility in Fairfield, CA. You will receive full attention on a practical self defense program designed for your special needs. Unusual physical ability and flexibility are not required for the program. 
You will learn to deal with fear, intimidation, physical attacks, street situations, etc. both mentally and physically. Special programs can be designed to meet your personal needs. Let us know what your special concerns and needs are.
Two standard self defense programs are available in addition to follow up sessions. One program is for private individual lessons and the other is for training of security personnels or business seminars. 
Since mental preparation is of paramount importance, a typical lesson will consist of a short lecture type instruction before the physical training. Depending on your special needs, the lessons will be selected from the following:
1.  Mental adjustment and mindset                                                               
2.  Recognition of potential dangers and situations
3.  Body weapons and applications
4.  Physical attacks and defense
5.  Ground escape (Ground fighting)
6.  Gun disarm
7.  Club / stick / knife defense
The relatively small investment on learning self defense is something no one can afford to overlook. The trauma and loss from one single attack can cost you mentally, physically, and financially.
Private Lessons (In the privacy and comfort of your home, or in the trainer's facility in Fairfield, CA.) 
  • 3-hour package (Recommended): PLEASE CONTACT INSTRUCTOR.
     NOTES1. Price given for per person only. Maximum 3 people in each private lesson. Add $30 for each additional person.
                  2. Advance payment in cash or check prior to sessions. Please allow two weeks for check clearance prior to sessions. 
                  3. No spectators, visitors, cameras or video cameras are allowed during sessions.   
                  4. 10% discount for repeat lessons. 
 Business Seminars or Security Personnels Group Training (In your place of business)
  • Standard 4-hour package- PLEASE CONTACT INSTRUCTOR. (See notes 2 to 4 above)



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