Henry S. Schneider
Assistant Professor of Economics
Johnson Graduate School of Management
Cornell University



with Charles Murry
Handbook on the Economics of Retail and Distribution, forthcoming

American Economic Review, forthcoming

with Kirabo Jackson
American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, October 2015

with Matthew Backus and Joseph Podwol
European Economic Review 74, 2014, 173-192

with Ju
stin Johnson and Michael Waldman
Journal of Law and Economics 57(3), 2014

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Journal of Industrial Economics 60(3), 2012, 406-433

with Kirabo Jackson
American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 3(3), 2011, 244-267

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Working papers

with Jonathan Peterson
Revise & resubmit, Management Science

with Joseph Podwol
May 2015

with Kristen Cooper and Michael Waldman
June 2015

Task Completion: Evidence from New York City Parking-Ticket Recipients
with Ori Heffetz and Ted O'Donoghue
June 2015

Is Promoting Best Practices Always Best? Experimental Evidence from the Auto-Repair Industry
with Kirabo Jackson
April 2015

Adverse Selection, Market Size, and Innovation
with Michael Waldman and Ying Wang
June 2014