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    This is a picture of Henry Hensche, circa 1974, taking a break from one of his Friday morning painting demonstrations he gave in his home garden, Conwell St Provincetown MA. The producer of this dvd, Phillip St. John, is pictured on the bottom right.


I'm providing a free ebook for the soundtrack narrative which is poor on the dvd, click here.
    If you'd like a hardcopy of this dvd, it's $19.99 which includes free shipping in the US. You can send me a check or paypal my email: phillipstjhn26@gmail.com or snail mail:
Phillip St. John
301 Hemlock St
Hazard KY 41701-2125

    My phone is: (606) 436-8785 if you have questions.

    Let me tell you a little about this dvd show. It's about 25 minutes long. Entitled A Look At the Way We See & Paint, based on the book Henry wrote; How We See & Paint. It really isn't a professional, slick, show. It's more a labor of love, better than a home movie. Originally produced on 16mm film in 1975. I has some inspirational passages in it, in my opinion.

    This show starts with a brief review of some of Henry's art history, which is fascinating. He really was interested in how man has developed the ability to observe the truth of reality and transmit that through art to mankind in general.

    Many of Henry's paintings are seen; landscapes, portraits, and still lifes. The main part of the show is Henry painting a plein aire portrait of the producer. 2 other glimpses of Henry painting are shown.

    There are also scenes from the Cape School of Art, the beloved "sand box". Students are seen painting the "block" studies, color studies in plein aire of simple blocks of wood painted in primary colors.

    So if you want to see a great art school, and teacher, many students of whom have gone on to have very successful careers, this show is for you. It's not a "how to", but a nostalgic look at a great teacher and his school. He had a way of helping people see light and color, the way we see. He showed people how to have a career of seeing and painting. How to be able to make visual progress for a lifetime.

I also have an original Robert Douglas Hunter vintage oil for sale.

If you'd want a print of the above painting!

Actually, I'm getting to the age that I'd like to sell the entire project of Henry's dvd. If anyone has energy to get in there and upgrade the project and promote it as it should be.