Remuera - New Zealand Shipping Company

Hand coloured photograph of the Remuera
The hand coloured photograph above was taken at Captain Cook Wharf in Auckland. It may have been taken from a crane on the adjacent Queens Wharf. Both still exist but neither have sheds or cranes any more.

I can't begin to show the story of Henry Keyse's links to the Remuera without referring you to Garry Law's amazing Remuera website (click here), some of the information I present here can be studied in much more depth on his website.

The Remuera appears to have been Henry's main ship during the early part of his long career at sea. You will see from the Timeline on this site that the years I know that Henry was on the Remuera are 1914, 1916, 1919, and 1926.

1922 Remuera Collision photographs
As you will see from the Timeline, Henry was working on board the Berengaria at the end of August, 1922. In July of that year the Remuera was involved in a collision at sea. There are photographs of the damage which may be Henry's. The following is taken from Garry Law's website:

"21 Jul 1922 - It was reported at Portland at 5am that the 11,200 ton NZSC steamer REMUERA, (built in 1911) bound from Southampton for Pitcairn Island and Wellington, has been in collision with the MARENGO (6,300 tons and built in 1910) of the Ellerman's Wilson Line, 15 miles SW of Start Point. The REMUERA was badly damaged and was subsequently brought into Portland Harbour with the assistance of tugs. She was beached on mud flats to enable an inspection and temporary repairs. Two Weymouth steamers took off the passengers - no casualties. The MARENGO sustained little damage and continued on her passage from New York to Hull. The passengers, including 446 emigrants, were taken by train to Southampton."

Below are all the photographs that I know of this event, they appear to be all by the same photographer. Each may be clicked on to view a larger image. From left to right: (1) postcard sold on eBay in March 2012; (2) from Garry Law's website; (3) from my collection; (4) from Garry Law's website.


Below: This detail enlargement is from an early, undated photograph showing the fascination of photography for members of the crew of the Remuera.


Below: Postcard showing the Remuera, cancelled in Balboa, Canal Zone on 31st December, 1934. The message reads: "This is my ship. My cabin I have tried to mark - it is hot and flying fishes are jumping out of the sea." The back of this card is very similar to style "D".