"G" style postcard backs

"G" style postcard back
Very similar to type “F” with dotted rectangular stamp box and dotted dividing rule. Additionally has the caption H. Y. SCOTT Ltd., Publishers. 145 Wellington Street, GRAVESEND, KENT.

KNOWN USE: K1-5, K1-6K1-9, K1-10

DATES KNOWN: 17th December 1938 (K1-5)

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"G" style back "Akaroa"

MESSAGE: Card to England: 17.12.38 (Southampton). 
We hope to stop off Pitcairn Island tomorrow. We have had a very calm trip so far and hot weather. I am looking forward to arriving in Wellington in about 8 days time…

DATE CONFIRM: Pitcairn – Port of Call – possible ship is the RMS Akaroa which called at Pitcairn on 22nd November 1938.