Postcard Back Styles

A great many different styles of printing can be found on the backs of real photographic postcards during the time that the HGK cards were produced. Sometimes photographs taken by ordinary holidaymakers were processed onto postcard paper, making it very difficult to tell if they were just one-off cards. The styles listed here have been cross referenced to the photograph pages. If you click on back style "A" on one of the photograph pages, it should take you to the page for back "A".

The most important discoveries from this small study of backs are:
(1) All the used cards found so far, were written before the ships called at Pitcairn - this shows that the cards must have been purchased on board the ships, and not on the Island. 
(2) The earliest known year of use for an HGK Pitcairn postcard so far is 1923 (this, of course, helps when trying to find out exactly when the photographs were taken).

A new sub-page has been created to this page for each letter used. Please click on the images below:

Back style A
Back style B
Back style D
Back style E
Back style F
Back style G
Back style H

The following three backs are known on Iceberg Postcards

Back style I