This is my homepage. I am a longtime fixed income arbitrage trader, who retired from financial markets in 2002 and who later, from 2007 to 2013, taught economics to graduate French civil serv
ants on their way to France's top civil-service school ENA.
  • This was once a fairly large website, intended to provide resources to my students, and written largely in French. I have deleted most of it, as it had become pointless or outdated, but I have kept some features like pages about basic economic reasoning, modelling and history, which can be of general use.
  • My quotation scrapbook, containing several hundred of them, is here. Most are in English and quite a few are fun. 
  • My Diigo is here.
  • In case anyone is interested, my Goodreads page is here.
  • And if you ever want to contact me, my Gmail is henritournyolduclos.
My favourite finance textbook, of course, is :

L'essentiel des marchés financiers

I have co-written a textbook for First-Finance, France's leading financial training provider. It is a 624 page primer on financial markets, in French, first published in 2010 and entirely revamped in 2016. It is targeted toward aspiring professionals, support staff and students. Contrary to most finance introductory textbooks, which unfortunately tend to concentrate on pricing formulas for obsolete instruments, this one concentrates on the whys and the hows, as seen by financial market professionals, with a very practical part on the grammar of financial maths at the end of the book.  

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