Henrik Våglin's Info Pages 

I am: 

  • a simple swede, scandinavian, european and member of the global community (a.k.a. earthling or  gaian)
  • male (more testosterone than else)
  • closer to 40 than 30 years old
  • somewhat educated
  • currently residing in Göteborg (Västra Götaland, Sweden)
  • born in Östersund, Republic of Jamtland (Jämtland occupied by Sweden ;-)
  • playing floorball (swedish: innebandy) and beach volley ball all year round (alltough the latter shifts between in- and outside depending on season)
  • watching documentaries (mainly on historical topics), movies and TV

I have been:

  • breathing and seeing the light of day since 1975
  • playing football (soccer), table tennis (ping pong) and video/computer games as well as waterskiing, nordic and downhill skiing (swedish: längdskidor och slalom) occasionally in my youth
  •  interested in drawing, comics and animation - both as entertainment to enjoy and to create - from an early age
  • serious about sequential art (comics) since my 20's

I do: 

  • enjoy life (at times)
  • try to live a healthy life (failing a little every now and then)
  • deliver mail
  • watch the Simpssons, CSI (and CSI: Miami, but not CSI: New York), Rome (really annoyed they cancelled it after season 2 - those bastard american TV executives ;-) on TV
  • enjoy cooking (I really do try to combine good taste and healthy cooking)