Henrik Ueberschär
Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu
pt. courrier 247
CNRS U. M. R. 7586
Campus Pierre et Marie Curie
Sorbonne Université
75005 Paris

Email: henrik dot ueberschar at imj-prg dot fr

About myself:

I am an associate professor and a member of the Functional Analysis group here at Jussieu. I previously conducted postdoctoral research at Lille,
 Bonn, Paris and Tel Aviv. I obtained my PhD from the School of Mathematics, University of Bristol, under the supervision of Jens Marklof.

My research is concerned with Quantum Chaos and Disordered Systems. We study how the underlying classical dynamics manifests itself in the geometric and statistical properties of the wave functions and energy levels of a quantum system. I am particularly interested in quantum systems in a state of transition - so-called intermediate systems. Examples are pseudo-integrable billiards or disordered systems near the Anderson transition.

Research interests:
Quantum Chaos
Spectral Theory and Spectral Geometry of (random) Schrödinger operators
Semiclassical Analysis
and their links with Analytic Number Theory


1er semestre: Analyse et algèbre pour les sciences (L1)
2nd semestre: Suites et intégrales, algèbre linéaire (L1), Analyse complexe (L3)

2015/16: UV Math1: Mathématiques fondamentales, Télécom Lille (L1)

2014/15: Calcul differentiel, Université Lille 1 (L2)

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