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We tried to use some traditional elements during the dinner.

It is traditon that the groom sees the bride for the first time during the wedding. As a symbol of that the bride will cover her face with a red silk cloth before entering the room. Only after the kowtow the groom may take the cloth of her head to see her amazing beauty.

Because the bride cannot see where she is going with the cloth on her head, the groom will guide her by a piece of red silk which is decorated with a large red flower.

The Kowtow, kneeling down or prostating, in old time was used to pay respect to higher placed persons, like the emporer.

It is also used in wedding ceremonies, where it usually to have three parts: 

  1. Kowtow to pay respect to heaven and eath, with a bow towards the friends and family
  2. To the parents
  3. To each other

We prefered to change it a little and make a bow with the head only.



As a token of asking for acceptance in the family the bride will serve tea to her parents in law. If they accept the tea, they accept her as a daughter in law in their family. The groom will do the same for his parents in law.

Luckily both our parents accepted the tea.

After that we did the cross-wine drinking as a symbol of luck.

Then there were some short speeches, first from our fathers:

Then we spoke some words our selves, in short thanking all the guests for coming to our party, and wishing them a very good evening and a good meal. A special chalange for us was that Henk did a speech in Chinese and Yongmei did it in Dutch. For both of us that is a language we only speak very little. But it seemed our guest understood us, and we had a lot of fun.

We also added some more modern traditions: together cutting the cake and pouring champagne in glasses stacked as a champagne tower.