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There are a lot of people who helped us making this day such a wonderful day. And we would like to thank all of them very much. It is not possible for us to name all of them, but there are a few persons we would like to mention:

We asked Lisa, Yongmei's colleague, to be the MC for the evening. We prepared some things together with her, and let her fill it in her own way. She did a very good job. Her English is very good, so she good do a bilangual presentation. Together with Wilma she did language lessons before the dinner started, in a very enthousiastic way. That made all people to join it. She explained about the traditional part, and introduces all the games, and much more. Her comments made the whole evening fun and relaxed. A great job!

                                     Lisa, Thank you very much


We asked Wilma, Henk's sister, to help Lisa with the language lessons, and she wanted to do that right away. But earlier on the day, in the wedding office, we had to find someone to help us to read out the English text. Wilma wanted to help us, without any preparation. That was great! And in the evening, she did a great job with Lisa with the language lessons, and with the games.                                                 Wilma, Thank you very much!


We also want to thank Sabine. She helped with the wedding ceremony in the morning. She did that very good. Thank you very much Sabine!


CaoYan, Yongmei's good friend, helped us with the arriving guests and taking pictures. Thank you very much!





And we would like to thank the singers, for their great singing. The performances where a very nice surprise for us. Thanks to Yongmei's father and Xuhui's mother. And to Henk's family!


From a lot of people we got pictures made during the day. We would like to thank all of you very much. Especially thanks to ZhuBinTao and ZhangXu, for the video!

And of course thanks to all our guests!

Thanks to all the friends, colleaugues and family for congratulating us and for all the emails, cards, phonecalls with best wishes. We appreciate that very much!

Thank you all for making our wedding a day never to forget!


Henk & Yongmei