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We did most of the preparations ourselves. That took a lot of time. There were a lot of things to prepare, like clothing, rings, documents, wedding ceremony, dinner, games, and a lot of things more which we will not all mentione here.

1. Restaurant 

We checked about a dozen restaurant before we found a good place to hold the wedding dinner. In our case we looked for a place that had both an atmosphere and served dishes that would be appreciated by the dutch and the chinese guests.

We found that in the universal restaurant, that was convieniantly close to the hotel where the dutch family stayed.

Together with our contact in the restaurant we prepared a lot of things, like decoration, the menu, number of tables etc. We decided to bring our own music and made some CD's with our favourite music, and some traditional chinese music for some special traditions.

We also arranged for a projector and screen which could be used for the games or to project some pictures.

2. Invitation card

We designed this invitation card together. The Double happiness Character is the cover page. This is Chinese tradtion: using this Double happiness to show the best wishes of ultimate happiness to bride and groom. Inside, we used plum branch with blossom in the backgroud. This is Henk’s idea as one of the characters of yongmei means plum.

 3 Rings

We looked for rings a long time. We visited a lot of jewelry store's in both Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

Chinese tradition is to get a ring of pure gold or platinum, but nowwadays more impure gold is used because it is more durable. But we found rings with a design we both liked and had them made in our size.
















4. Guest Group and Wish card, language card.

This card is used to break ice and express best wishes from the guests. The card which is shown here is the one of Xuhui – one of yongmei’s best friends. She wrote: beautiful bride, happy groom, your happy life now starts.







5. Thank you box

This "thank you box" is designed by Henk. All together we cut 100 "thank you boxes".

Yongmei's parents helped us to fold them and fill them with candy.

We used it for the wedding night, to thank our guests, and also for yongmei’s colleague. To each "thank you box" we added one wooden shoe or Chinese knot for the wedding guests.