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1. The chopstick game

This first game was meant to just have some fun, to create a nice atmosphere and to have the dutch and chinese people work together.

The idea was to move some food items from one dish to another dish. Most dutch people are not used to eating with chopsticks but they had already spent a week in China, So we figured they should have learned to use them by now. Of course Chinese people are much better, so we teamed them up:  a Dutch person and a Chinese person working together. 

The object was to move as much items as possible within a certain amount of time. The chosen food objects were: peanuts, dry red dates (jujube), longan and lotus seeds; these are traditional eaten at a wedding. So we thought it was a nice idea to bring them into our wedding this way.


Everybody had fun doing this game and the contestants were motivated by loud cheering and applauding.

 The winners received a small gift.


2. Tongue twister

To get more feeling with each others language we used a dutch and chinese tongue twister; a sentence that is difficult to pronounce. 

The assignment for the groups was to teach a dutch person to say the chinese sentence and a chinese person the dutch sentence. The groups had 5 minutes to prepare for that.

The sentences we used are:

"四十四只石狮子" (si shi si zhi shi shi zi) for the Chinese sentence.

"De kat krabt de krullen van de trap" was the dutch sentence.

The teams spoke the sentences and we were to judge which team did it the best. It was a very fun game and all the people had a good time. 


3. Chinese characters

The people were asked to paint Chinese characters. From each group one Chinese and one Dutch person were asked to paint.

The sentence we used was: "花好月圆", which means: Flower is blossoming and the moon is full (everything is good; all the best wishes).

We had prepared red paper and golden paint for this item, and the special chinese brushes.

Again we had to judge the result and the winners got a small present.

During the preparations for our wedding we thought about how to get some interaction between the chinese and dutch guests. That is how we came up with the games. Together with the language card, this really brought people closer together. At the end of the evening there were chinese and dutch people talking at all the tables. And all of them really liked learning more about each others culture. For us this was a great success.