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Yongmei's family

Yongmei's parents are living with here in Shenzhen. They helped us a lot with preparations, and during the wedding. They were always there for good advice, help shopping, help with thank-you boxes, red silk for the tradtional part etc.


Henk's family

Henk has three sisters. His parents, sisters, their children and husband/boyfriend came to China for the wedding. They were 12 persons in total.

They made a trip in the south in the week before the wedding. They visited nice places like Yangshou, Guilin and Ping-an. Henk's sister WIlma made a report from the trip, that can be found here.

After the wedding they had some days in Hong Kong.

We feel very happy that they came all the way to China for our wedding.  






After the wedding was over Dineke was able to catch the flowers when they were thrown. Everybody knows what that means. And it seems to have worked! 














Family not attending the wedding


Most of Yongmei's family lives in Yiyang, her hometown. They did not come to the wedding dinner on April 30. But earlier we paid them a visit in Yiyang, and had a huge dinner with them so they had the change to meet the dutch groom. It was a great happening which everybody enjoyed. 


Henk's grandmother is almost 95 years old and she could not come to the wedding. But Henk and Yongmei visited her earlier. She is very happy to have met Yongmei, and she is very happy with our wedding. Here is a picture of here with Yongmei.

Grandmother had some fun when she received an invitation for our wedding. One of the nurses in her home noticed the invitation and said to grandmother, I will acompany you to the wedding, i like to go to a wedding party!

Grandmother said to her: that is good, we will go together, but we will have to go to China for that.

The nurse had not noticed that, and she then noticed grandmother was just making a joke.