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The dinner on the evening of April 30 was held in the restaurant at the Universal Hotel.

We were there several times for all the arrangements. Already in Januari we set the menu for the wedding diner. We tried to choose some dishes that both our Chinese and Dutch guests would like.

And it seems we made good choices, because everybody liked the food. Although some dishes were a little too exotic for some guests. This is the menu:

This menu is hard too translated because the names of the dishes are somewhat poetic and do not describe the food items.

The tables were set very nicely. The red table cloth is special for a wedding.  There was a very nice flower centrepiece on each table. Special for the dutch guests there were knifes and forks available, but most of them used the chopsticks. In the background on this picture are some decorations: the double happiness character, and the both national flags.

The napkins were folded in a very special way, very artistic. They were all different and shaped like a peacock, flowers, etc.


After the first game the dishes were served. And everybody started eating. From time to time guests came to our table to for a toast and good wishes. So it was a dynamic and very good atmosphere. And we noticed that the dutch and chinese people were communicating good, making use of the language card we made. All through the evening we heard dutch people trying to pronounce chinese words, and Chinese people trying to say something in dutch. It was very good. 

The dinner was paused for playing a game afew times, and also for some performances: Henk's family had prepared a song, and also Yongmei's father with her friends mother sing a song.

There was a lot of laughter and people had a good time.