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Yongmei decided to wear a traditional Chinese dress, a QiPao. These dresses have a long history in China.

We visited different taylors until we found one that could make a good design and made good quality. We found this taylor in the large shopping mall near the railwaystation and the border to Hong Kong:

We bought the fabric for the dress ourselves, red silk. Red is traditionally the colour to wear for weddings. And the fabric for all the layers of the dress was pure good qualitiy silk.

The result was a beautiful QiPao in which Yongmei looked very good.



For Henk we decided to have a suit made. First we went looking for a fabric with good quality and colour. We found some good quality wool fabric, in dark blue with a light stripe in it.

With the fabric we went to look for a taylor, and in the shopping area Dongmen are a lot of taylors. We found one who was recommended by the fabric salesman.

In his catalogue we found a good style, and had it the suit made, just trousers and a jacket.

We had to go there a few times to fit. The taylor was hard to reach, because we had it made just before Chinese Newyear, the time that all these craftsmen are going to their hometowns to visit their family.

We had a shirt made in another small taylorshop, and since it is not expensive we had some more shirts made for Henk.

The tie was a present from Yongmei to Henk.

We had some trouble to find shoes for Henk in China. His size, 45, was not available in the shoestores. Even in Hong Kong we could not find them. So finally Henk bought them in The Netherlands.