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In the morning of April 30 we went to the wedding bureau, where the official marriage was held.

A few days before we had already been there to prepare this ceremony. We wanted to have the whole ceremony in Chinese and in English. That was possible but we had to help them with the translation ourselves. It took us a few hours to get the text right. This is the 1st time for them to have a ceremony for a couple – one of family is from other country.

We had arranged for a bus with which we picked up our families.

This bus is the one which was rent by yongmei and some other colleagues living in liangtang area for picking them between home and office. The driver is very professional.






 First we had to pick up the flowers at the flowershop near the wedding bureau.










The public servant who was going to lead the ceremony told us that she did not feel comfortable to do the ceremony in English. After some discussion we agreed that she did it in Chinese, and Wilma, Henk's sister, read the English text. Wilma was not prepared for this at all, so we are very grateful that she helped us like that.

The technical part, filling in the forms etc, was already done, so finally the ceremony could start.











Our familiy is waiting in the waiting room for us to arrive.


After the last preparations we are ready to start the ceremony.  A little nervous we walk over the red carpet to the small room where the ceremony will be held.

A lot of pictures are taking as we walk towards this place while the wedding march can be heared.

The family also takes place in this room for the ceremony.

The public servant and Wilma take place behind the desk and than the ceremony can start.

There is still loud music, so at first it is a little hard to understand everything.




The family listening in the ceremony room

We are listening to the words of the public servant, and to Wilma who reads the translated text. It is a very nice ceremony, and we feel close to each other and our family. We both answer the questions with : "Yes, I do" , and speak out the vows to each other.

Then it is time for the rings: Sabine, the daughter of Henk's sister is helping, and she brings the rings. We put the rings on each others finger. 

The official wedding documents are presented to us. Now we have the official proof of being married too. Then it is (finaly) time for the kiss...


Not for sure, how many people have had this ceremony in the marrige bureau. We really like it. Some of our family even bursted into tears. It is very simple but solemn. Our hearts filled with happienss and excitement.

Then it is time for picuters, with our parents and with the whole family

And the whole family wants ot congratualte us with our comitment to each other.

On the way back, in the bus we feel very happy.....