Tcontrol is a program for home brewers to control the temperature during mashing and/or fermentation. Tcontrol has two temperature control channels. Each of the two channels can control a cooler and heater.

The program uses a 32 or 64 bit Windows PC platform like Windows XP, 7, 8 or 10. Furthermore additional hardware is required to measure the temperatures and switch the relays for the cooling and the heating.

Temperature is an important parameter in the brewing process of beer. Temperature during mashing determines to a large extend the ferment ability of wort. Temperature control during fermentation is one of the most important parameters for controlling the performance of the yeast. Control of temperature during the complete beer process can therefore greatly improve the quality of you beer. Tcontrol helps you to control the temperature during processing.

Tcontrol can be used in degrees Celsius and in degrees Fahrenheit. 

Furthermore Tcontrol has build-in functionality to monitor fermentation by measuring the amount of CO2 produced by using a CO2 production sensor. Tcontrol calculates the current SG and the ADF according to the total amount of produced CO2.

Here is a impression of the Tcontrol screen.

The purple curve is the produced liters  CO2 per hour. This is the speed of the fermentation. 

When the Tcontrol PC is connected to the internet it is possible to view screenshots of the current Tcontrol screen all over the world. 

Tcontrol can also send emails to your smartphone at the following situations:

1. Status update
This email message is sent once a day and gives the most important information about the current fermentation's

2. Temperature error
This email message is sent when the sensor temperature is + or – 1 °C different from the Setpoint temperature. 

3. Sensor error
This email message is sent when a temperature sensor at least for 15 seconds has given an error. This failure can for example be Tcontrol-IO or the sensor itself is not connected. During such an error the last measured temperature will be continued to be used by Tcontrol. The relays will be switched off in this situation. 

4. Start fermentation
If a bubble counter is connected this message is sent after the bubble counter has measured the first 0.2 liter of CO2.

5. Pre-warning next fermentation step
If Active is set to “Yes” then four hours before the start of the next temperature step this email is sent.

Tcontrol, what do you need?

 What do you need to control the temperature with Tcontrol?

1)    PC or laptop with Tcontrol installed. Windows platform (XP, 7, 8 or 10). Tested with an 800 MHz PC with 384 Mbyte RAM or more. It should contain one free USB port.

2)    A Tcontrol-IO board. This has two temperature sensor inputs, four relays for cooling and heating and furthermore two counter inputs to measure the CO2 production during the fermentation.

This hardware is specially designed for Tcontrol and has a couple of features that increases the robustness of the system.

You can find Tcontrol-IO on ebay using the search term “Tcontrol-IO” or by sending me an email. This hardware including the 2 DS18B20 temperature sensors and a USB cable costs € 63

Furthermore Tcontrol-IO is available with an optional LCD display and a pushbutton. With this option the most important settings of the Tcontrol-IO board can also be changed in stand-alone mode without a PC.
Tcontrol-IO including this display option costs € 88.00

A video in Dutch about the stand-alone operation mode. 

Example with four main plugs connected.

Two Tcontrol-IO boards can be connected to one PC. In this way four different fermentations can be controlled by one PC. The second Tcontrol-IO board needs a different USB address. At the ordering of the second board this needs to be mentioned so the correct address will be programmed into this board. 

The files:
In the manual of Tcontrol is described how to install Tcontrol. Besided the file you also need the LabVIEW runtime engine 8.6.1. This can be downloaded from the site or using this link.
LVRTE861f4std (The download of this 145 Mbyte takes about 30 seconds)
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