Brewing day

I brew like a simple pot on a stove. Because I think it is important to brew in a reproducible way I use automation to achieve this. Actually I use a predecessor of Tcontrol to control all the mash steps temperatures and timings. All the brewing is done without a pump. 

Mash tun with stirrer motor on top and proportional earth gas control

Mash tun with stirring motor on top and direct heater which is controlled by a proportional valve from a central gas heater. A handmade PCB with some I2C components is the interface to the parallel port of the brewing PC. On this PC I fill in the mash scheme for this beer.

The home made brewing program BeerPID. This program is the predecessor of Tcontrol. The mash steps input and the temperature curves can be recognized in Tcontrol. 
The program BeerPID is not a PID controller anymore but uses almost the same algorithm as Tcontrol. Digital temperature sensors measure the temperature of the beer. 
This photo shows the bottom side of the mash tun during heating. Also the wiring of the electrical ignition and the flame monitoring sensor can be seen.
BeerPID also controls the speed of the stirring motor. This motor is a 24 Vdc motor which is PWM controlled by the interface PCB.

After mashing the mash tum is hoisted on the counter with a electrical cable hoist. 

The heating of the sparge water is automatically started after the mashing and regulated to 80 degrees Celsius during the sparge. After filtering and sparging the boiling starts.
The software detects the start of the boiling so the first hop can be added. A timer on the screen is used to give alarm when next hop or sugar should be added. 

Henielma NL,
Oct 7, 2014, 11:19 PM