Matthew D. Hendricks
Assistant Professor of Economics
The University of Tulsa, Tulsa OK United States

I am an economist with research interests in the areas of education policy, labor economics, and applied econometrics.   I teach undergraduate courses in microeconomics (principles and intermediate), applied econometrics, and labor economics at the University of Tulsa.

You can download my CV by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.
You can download my working papers at my SSRN site  or at my researchgate site

Journal Publications: 
“Towards an optimal teacher salary schedule: Designing base salary to attract and retain effective teachers.” Economics of Education Review, August 2015, pp. 143-167.  Download Here

“Does it pay to pay teachers more? Evidence from Texas.” Journal of Public Economics, January 2014, pp. 50-63. Download Here

Working Papers: 
“Public Schools are Hemorrhaging Talented Teachers. Can higher salaries function as a tourniquet?”
“Identification with Imperfect Proxies”
“Performance Pay and Teacher Selection: Do performance pay programs attract higher-ability teachers?”

Work in Progress:
“Using Pay Differentials to Level Teacher Attrition Across Low- and High-Income Schools”
“Efficiency Wages in Teaching? How changes in salary affect teacher productivity”
“The Effects of Teacher Pay Policies on Teacher Quality” with Jane A. Lincove and Matt Farber 

Spencer Foundation, “Efficiency Wages in Teaching? How changes in salary affect teacher productivity” grant #201500095, $49,534, 2015-2017
The University of Tulsa, Faculty Development Summer Fellowship, 2012, 2013
US Department of Agriculture, National Needs Fellowship, $75,000, 2008-2010
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