1915 Excelsior

Part No. Name Price

Foot Rest Assembly

XD2214 Foot Rest Plate $125.00

XD2216 Foot Rest Hinge $40.00

Foot Rest Rubber Mat (real Rubber!) $100.00

Luggage Carrier

XD2278 Luggage Carrier, Complete $500.00

Mud Guard and Chain Guard Assembly

XD1444 Front Chain Guard $500.00

XD3342 Rear Mudguard Luggage Carrier Brace $75.00

XD3343 Rear Chain Guard $250.00

XD3344 Kick Starter Guard $350.00

Handle Bar Parts

XD4235 Handle Bar Grips $100.00

XD4236 Handle Bar Sleeve, Right Coming soon

XD4237 Handle Bar Sleeve, Left Coming soon

XD4238 Racing Handle Bar Complete Coming soon

XD4240 Handle Bar Complete Coming soon

XD4241 Racing Handle Bar Sleeve Coming soon

XD4242 Racing Handle Bar Grip Coming soon

Handle bar center casting $250.00

Control Parts

XD1558 Spark Advance Stud (Side of Tank) $25.00

XD4305 Control Handle Bar Sleeve Screw $15.00

XD4307 Double Joint, Right $50.00

XD4308 Double Joint, Left $50.00

XD4309 Control Rod End, Male, ¼" $20.00

XD4310 Control Rod End, Female, $25.00

XD4325 Cotter Pin $0.50

XD4331 Threaded Rivets, Short $15.00

XD4339 Center Tube “L” Lever Nut $5.00

XD4348X Throttle Rod, complete $100.00

XD4349 Rear Throttle Rod Spring $5.00

XD4408X Handle Bar Control Rod. Right, complete w/rod end and ball joint $95.00

XD4408 Handle Bar Control Rod. Right $15.00

XD4409 Ball Joint for Control Rod $40.00

XD4413 Throttle Rod, Rear $15.00

XD4414 Ball Joint for Throttle Rod $25.00

XD4415X Exhaust Valve Lift rod, Complete $135.00

XD4415 Exhaust Valve Lift Rod Front,Curved $20.00

XD4416 Exhaust Valve Lift Rod Sleeve $20.00

XD4417 Exhaust Valve Lift Rod Rear,Straight $15.00

XD4434 Throttle Rod, Front $15.00

XD4437 Special Rod End, Female $30.00

XD4441 Rod End, Female, 3/16” $25.00

XI34450 Spark Advance Lever $40.00

XD4457X Handle Bar Control Rod. Left, complete w/rod end and ball joint $95.00

XD4457 Handle Bar Control Rod, Left $15.00

XD4458 Threaded Rivet, Long, each $20.00

XD4459 Cotter Pin $0.50

XD4460 Exhaust Valve Release Lever Screw $5.00

XD4462 Hand Control Clutch Lever Bushing $20.00

XD4467X Hand Clutch Release Rod, Upper, complete with rod ends & threaded rivets $105.00

XD4467 Hand Clutch Release Rod, Upper $25.00

XD4468X Hand Clutch Release Rod, Lower, complete with rod end & threaded rivet $65.00

XD4468 Hand Clutch Release Rod, Lower $25.00

XD4469X Foot Clutch Release Rod, complete $65.00

XD4469 Foot Clutch Release Rod $40.00

XD4470 Foot Brake Rod, Complete $100.00

XD4474 Eye for Foot Clutch Rod $25.00

XD4477 Foot Brake Rod Adjusting Clevis $40.00

XD4478 Three Speed Control Rod $100.00

XD4478X Valve Release Cam Rod, complete $130.00

XD4479 Valve Release Cam Rod $50.00

XD4480 Guide for Foot Brake Rod $50.00

XD4484X Top Throttle Rod, complete $85.00

XD4484 Top Throttle Rod Only $15.00

XD4485 Spark Advance Rod Only $15.00

XD4486 Spark Advance Rod complete with rod ends & threaded rivets $85.00

Stand Parts

XD4778 Stand Latch Coming soon

X334779 Stand Complete $275.00


Excelsior Cast headlight bracket set, Electric $300.00

Excelsior Cast headlight bracket set, Prest-O-Lite $400.00