Dear Theater Enthusiasts. this Saturday we are in desperate need of many volunteers to help with our end of the year organization day. We need to tidying up the prop, set and costume storage rooms. This MUST be done on Saturday. We will  be working from 9-3:30.  You may feel free to invite others to join in the madness...um, I mean fun.   We will be ordering a lunch- please sign up in Riepe's room so we can put together a lunch plan. (However you are welcome to show up, even if you didn't sign up- but you will need to bring your lunch, or lunch money). It is fine if you can only attend part of the day (but please indicate that on the sign up sheet). 

If you attend, and ONLY if you attend you are welcome to submit a single show suggestion for next year. This could be for a play or a musical or if you have no title in mind, a type of play or musical.  Willingness to work (and positivity) is a very valued skill in our theatre department. Hint, hint. 

You MUST wear closed-toe shoes (preferably something like a sneaker or Converse) as well as work-clothes. You may want to consider bringing work gloves, if you have them, to avoid splinters. 

Looking forward to seeing you this Saturday!

 RIepe and coenen (she prefers her name to not be capitalized)

Sign-up in B-113 (Riepe's Room) 
Fall Play:         an auditioned production with a cast size ranging from 10-30
                      auditions in early September with a highly recommended pre-audition informational meeting.

Spring Play:     an audition production of a short play, or one-act with a cast size ranging from 5- 15.

Musical:          an auditioned production with a cast size ranging from 40-60
                      auditions in mid-November with a highly recommended pre-audition workshop 

SPEECH CONTEST (an acting competition)

Large Group Speech Contest:  group events with a focus toward acting, improvisation, and musical theatre
                      a freshmen and varsity team  An informational meeting/ "audition" will be in October, practices begin in November
                      contest dates and locations can be found at www.ihssa.org

Individual Speech Contest: solo events ranging from acting, public speaking, improvisation, musical theatre, to radio news
                      a freshmen and varsity team  Attend the informational meeting in October, practices begin in February

Open Mic Nights and Variety Show:   run through student government as part of Homecoming and Spring Wind festivities. Students audition for either a spot as one of the competing acts or as MC.  Acts vary from dance to music, magic, anything performance based. You can compete as a  solo act, or as a group. Auditions take place in late February. Variety Show winners may earn a cash prize.

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