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Remember to sign up for text messages. This is for parents and students alike! It will also be split into groups: band (which is for everyone), jazz bands, color guard, and percussion. Sign up today!!!!!!!!!!
please follow the directions below...tell your friends:
For Band:text @bb2a3a to 81010

For Jazz: text @2feek6 to 81010

For Percussion: text @d9fg4k to 81010

For Color Guard: text @c89ce to 81010

Band Goals 2018-2019
  • Communication
    • Director through students
    • More use of Facebook/Twitter/Texts for communication
  • Student Expectations
    • No tolerance for tardiness
      • Make sure everyone has rides
    • No tolerance for unexcused absenteeism
      • Make sure everyone has rides
    • No tolerance for cell phone
    • Respect for all "Band" spaces
    • Consistency of all Concert Attire (concert and jazz bands)
  • Care of Space and Equipment
    • Responsibility expectations of equipment and music.
    • Students assigned to specific responsibilities

Crews and Resposibilities
Music Library:    
Band Room:          


Band Quick Links:

Upcoming Events

October 20        All-State Auditions         All Day (Select Students)

October 22        Start Fruit Fundraiser    (Ends Nov. 5/Delivery Early Dec.)

November 2      Loras Honor Band          All Day (Select Students)

                                Hannah   Kramer        Flute               

                                Eliza       Link             Flute               

                                Evan       Erickson      Clarinet          

                                Hailey     Klein           Clarinet          

                                Jack        Morgan        Clarinet          

                                Kate       Muehring     Bassoon         

                                Adam     Gatto           Alto Sax         

                                Blake      Terry            Tenor Sax      

                                John        Glab            Bari Sax         

                                Brendan Stahl            Trumpet         

                                Matt       Alexander   Trumpet         

                                Sydney   Schuller       Trumpet         

                                Emily      Mueller        Trumpet         

                                Brian      Grimes         French Horn  

                                Blake      Hohmann    Trombone       

                                Matt       Heil             Trombone       

                                Tim         Robertson    Tuba               

                                Chelsea   Davis           Percussion      

                                Josh        Davis           Percussion

                                Jaydon    Vaughn        Percussion      

November 15-17  All State Festival         All Day (Select Students)

               Tues, Nov. 27       Pepband: Boys Bball (Green)       6:30

              Fri, Nov. 30           Pepband: Girls Bball (Gold)        6:30

November 29-30  State Winter Guard      All Day

December 1       NEIBA Honor Band       All Day (Select Students)

               Fri, Dec. 7         Pepband: Boys Bball (Green)         6:30

Dec. 11               Winter Concert               7:00pm

                            *Jazz Band, Concert Band and Percussion Ens.

               Tues, Dec. 18      Pepband: Boys Bball (Gold)         6:30

               Fri, Dec. 21         Pepband: Wahlert (Everyone)        5:30

               Fri, Jan 4              Pepband: Girls Bball (Green)         6:30

               Fri, Jan 11            Pepband: Boys Bball (Gold)          6:30

               Tue, Jan 15           Pepband: Girls Bball (Green)        6:30

               Fri, Jan 18             Pepband: Senior (Everyone)          5:30

Jan. 21               State Jazz Band Festival     3:00pm - 9:00pm

                            *Jazz Band

Jan. 28                Freshman Orientation        6:00pm - 7:00pm

                            *Pep Band with 8th graders

               Tue, Jan 29          Pepband: Girls Bball (Gold)            6:30

               Fri, Feb. 1            Pepband: Girls Bball (Green)          6:30

               Fri, Feb 8             Pepband: Boys Bball (Gold)            6:30

Feb. 18               District Jazz Festival          3:00pm - 9:00pm

                            *Jazz Band

March 11            District "Zone" Concert                  All Day

                            *Concert Band and Percussion Ens.

April 6                State Solo/Ensemble Contest         All Day

                            *All students are part of a large ensemble.

May 4                 State Large Group Festival            All Day

                            *Tentative Concert Band including Percusion

May 14               Band Concert                      6:00pm - 9:00pm

                            *Jazz Band, Concert Band and Percussion Ens.

May 23                Awards Banquet              5:00pm - 7:00pm

                            *For all music students

May 27               Memorial Day Concert     8:00am - 11:00am

                            *Concert Band including Percussion

June 1                 Graduation                        1:00pm - 4:00pm

                            *Concert Band including Percussion