Stefan Hempel


issenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter/

Research Assistent Professor

Freie Universität Berlin
Institut für Biologie - Ökologie der Pflanzen
Altensteinstraße 6
14195 Berlin, Germany

E-mail:   stefan.hempel "@"
Phone:    0049 (0) 30 838 53172

Research interests:
The focus of my research lies in the various aspects of the arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis, which is formed between members of the Glomeromycota and the majority of land plants. On the one hand I am interested in field assessments on AMF diversity with the aim to understand the ecological role of AMF in general and of particular species in different ecological contexts. For such surveys it is still necessary to establish new methods which allow a high sample throughput in combination with a meaningful sampling strategy. On the other hand I am interested in the macroecology of this symbiosis and its macroecological implication for plants. Since starting in the lab in Berlin 2010 I am also involved in several projects dealing with other root inhabiting fungi and their molecular identification, which complements the knowledge gained by the study of AMF.