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Rick  Simpson

We at Hemp4cure are asking you to join with us in this worldwide internet protest.
Our aim is to bring hemp, man's oldest known and safest medication, back into widespread medicinal use.

Our research, backed by hundreds of other studies done worldwide, has proven properly made hemp medicine provides relief or cures many diseases, even cancer. Throughout thousands of years of medicinal use hemp has been known as a panacea, which means cure-all and not without good reason. We have provided hemp medicine to hundreds of people with various medical conditions and the results speak for themselves.

Governments and corporations have used the word "marijuana" to demonize hemp to the public. Marijuana is one of over 400 slang terms used worldwide to describe the cannabis hemp plant. The public has been told that hemp is a dangerous and addictive drug while scientific studies have proven that this is not true. The essential oil made from the bud of the female hemp plant is the most therapeutically active substance known to man. Millions of people enjoy smoking hemp, but this is the least effective way to use the plant medicinally. The real medical miracles occur when the oil is ingested or used topically on skin infections or diseases - then watch what happens! Hemp is real medicine straight from Mother Nature, not some concoction of chemicals and poisons produced in a pill factory somewhere.

Our aim is to produce hemp medicine on a large scale and make it available to the public on a donation basis. Whether you have the money or not, as long as you have the medical condition you get the medicine, no one has the right to put a price tag on your health.

Our history is littered with corruption, ignorance, wars, diseases and death. How many wars must be fought before the human race realizes that war is senseless and is humanity at its worst. Restricting the use of the most medicinal plant on earth is also mankind at our self-destructive worst. Why are so many people willing to believe a pack of lies about hemp without even looking into the truth of the matter for themselves? One would think everyone should be concerned when in the end for most of us; our very lives will depend on this medicine being available.

Big money and the governments they control, for many decades have told us that hemp is dangerous, we say prove it, and forget the double talk. We are more than willing to produce our evidence to the public. The people who have been restricting hemp's use should do the same.

In Canada, people with serious medical conditions are put through a bureaucratic hell called the Marijuana Access Program. Approximately 2000 people in Canada have been given a license to possess hemp. Imagine, 2000 out of a population of over thirty million. People with this license can then purchase hemp from the government at a 1500% markup. The government pays $328.00 for a kilogram of hemp and then they sell it to licensees for about $6000.00 kg. Isn't it gratifying to know the government has such compassion for poor and suffering medicinal users.

The Marijuana Access Program was put in place so the government could pretend to be helping people, while they make huge profits from medicinal users. Any one can buy a kilogram of much higher quality hemp from growers for less than the government charges, which leaves the question, who are the drug dealers? Even people who have been granted a license to possess hemp are not allowed to collect the resin or produce the essential oils. The resin and the oils produced from it are the real medicine. You can smoke hemp joints until the cows come home but it will not cure your cancer and the government knows it.

Opinion polls tell us that over ninety percent (90%) of people in Canada want hemp legalized for medicinal use. Why is our government not doing what their citizens want? Government and all they control must see the error of their ways. Practically all of our Canadian institutions are being controlled by government. Our medical system, legal and policing systems, the Royal Canadian Legion, even the "free press" and other news media are all controlled by government corruption and there are many others. We are not advocating retribution or violence against anyone, what we are demanding is change. The real truth about hemp and its medicinal value must be told to end this insanity of hemp's medicinal restriction.

If the human race and this planet ever needed hemp, it is now. The earth has been poisoned by rampant capitalism and the immune systems of humans and other species have been compromised. People today are dying of diseases that were practically unknown forty years ago. Even the food we eat in many cases is not fit for human consumption.

We are in the middle of a cancer epidemic while the "powers that be" restrict the use of a natural drug that can put an end to much of this needless suffering and death. When hemp's restriction is lifted, it will provide tens of thousands of jobs and it will put many farmers back on the land where they belong. Hemp can also solve all our energy requirements while it detoxifies the land it is planted in.

In reality, there is no downside for the human race or this planet if hemp is grown everywhere. Just harvesting seed from the hemp plant and providing it to the people in need will help put an end to starvation on this earth. No more of those horrible images of children starving to death. Growing hemp on a grand scale would also take the criminal element out of this wonder plant. When hemp is grown like corn what does it cost to produce it? What is a pound of corn worth? That should answer the question.

The corruption that is the law put in place against hemp is also what fuels the criminal element. If this law is changed hemp becomes of very little value, hence it is no longer of any criminal interest. When last I checked, somewhere to the tune of 80% of drug related deaths from the use of street drugs are attributed to pharmaceutical medications. How many people do you know of that have died from using hemp?

Within our medical system there are doctors that will prescribe hemp, but they are few and far between and I have yet to find one. If your doctor is like the ones I have come in contact with they will say things like; hemp is still under study, when indeed they know a lot more than they are telling you. Doctors who refuse to prescribe hemp are not healers; they are nothing but drug dealers for the pharmaceutical firms.

Take a look at all these organizations like the Cancer Society etc. Now ask yourself where all the money they have collected has gone? Do you really believe any of these organizations want to cure any thing? The bottom line is, if they did, they would be out of work! If indeed the public would like to donate money to a real cause, your support will be appreciated by everyone. Please send donations to Phoenix Tears, c/o Rick Simpson, 344 Little Forks Rd., G.D. Springhill, NS B0M 1X0. We already have the cure, all we need is the right to produce it.

I wish I could say otherwise but our legal system is no better than our medical system. Do you think that lawyers don't know that the law against hemp is based on corruption? Of course they do, they just don't want to give up the income they are making supposedly defending people facing hemp charges. It seems that most professionals are willing to sell their souls to go along with the system and thicken their wallets.

This is our watch. It is time to bring this dark chapter in man's history to an end. Is the human race to stand by and let big corporations kill our loved ones and ruin the planet we live on? As I have said many times, the people are the real power in any country, all we have to do is stand as one and this nightmare is brought to an end. The power that created the human race did not intend for us to destroy ourselves through ignorance and corruption. If something is not done right now there is no future for mankind, I urge everyone out there to educate themselves about hemp. Help bring hemp's restriction to an end. Stand up and be counted.