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Why isn't hemorrhoids patient willing to receive a medical examination

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ten male nine hemorrhoids, ten female ten hemorrhoids” said accurately, actually have said not necessarily the rectum disease incidence rate high condition. But hemorrhoids patient actually because of each kind of worry or the misunderstanding, is not often willing to go to the hospital seeing a doctor, so that has delayed the treatment best opportunity. The expert explains the main erroneous zone one by one, has said reason.
Erroneous zone one: So long as rectum class disease on surgery, therefore does not hope to the hospital inspection.
Correction: Rectum class disease are many and varied, the method of treatment is also target-oriented, many rectum diseases do not use the surgery, may adopt the home use hemorrhoids to treat the meter and so on effective method of treatment.
Erroneous zone two: The rectum surgery is painful, suffers the severe pain with its surgery, was inferior that like this endures to consider as finished.
Correction: The rectum surgery develops today, many rectum hospitals and the regular hospital's rectum branch has solved quite well the ache.
Erroneous zone three: The routine work is busy, cannot extract the time to carry on the treatment.
Correction: Is precisely because has this idea, therefore many patients will readily believe in some advertisements “not to be hospitalized, along with will govern along with will walk” the view. Actually, is not all anus enteropathy can not be hospitalized cures, readily believes not the solid advertisement, but treats, will possibly aggravate the condition, will have the serious results.
The expert appealed that rectum disease needs certainly to diagnose early, to treat early, the choice is regular, authority's Medical establishment is important.
PS:Prevention hemorrhoids small know-how
1. contracts the anus. Every day makes 3-5 anus contractions consciously, may strengthen the sphincter function, the promotion partial blood circulation.
2. massages the anus. The anus massage may improve the partial blood circulation, the prevention hemorrhoids occurrence.
3. sitz bath. After then, with hot water sitz bath, may also clean in the anus skin corrugation the contamination, may also promote the partial blood circulation, to maintains the anus department clean and the physiological function has the influential role.
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hemorrhoids treatment ,Goes out “the erroneous zone”

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Wrong idea one: The adjustment life diet, hemorrhoids may the self-recovery.
Hemorrhoids are not matter of life and death, so long as the adjustment diet, can control, controls well, hemorrhoids can abate”, in the life we hear such opinion frequently. Is the fact actually what kind of?
Expert  indicated: “hemorrhoids are the rectum lower extremity or anal tube's end vein have the vein group which in and out, the expansion form, the curving hyperemia's vein group is not impossible after the treatment to restore. The adjustment diet may delay hemorrhoids' development, but cannot obtain the effective treatment for a long time, will cause complications and so on constipation, anal sinusitis.”
Wrong idea two: The pharmacological treatment then does decides
Anus enteropathy including many kinds, a single hemorrhoids kind has several dozens kind of many, each kind has its unique pathogenesis and the pathology structure, which medicine doesn't have to be able to suit all illness, therefore extremely is not dangerous after the precise diagnosis blind medication!
“many patients hoped that through the medicine permanent control hemorrhoids, in fact fears the ache. But, a genuine rectum expert, he will tell the patient very responsibly, all hemorrhoids medicine will not going to the roots of the problem, only will be in hemorrhoids outbreak time can play the sterilization, analgetic, the hematischesis role temporarily.”Expert explanation.
Wrong idea three: Having blood in stool, the ache are hemorrhoids
So-called having blood in stool, after is refers to then, on the toilet tissue the belt blood or then, has the drop blood, to spurt the blood and so on, has consecutive number date having blood in stool, also has after long time presents a having blood in stool, generally is the red blood which the patient can see. The most patients believed that having blood in stool, the anus ache are hemorrhoids, actually the anal fissure, the enteritis, the crissum chronic eczema, the rectum malignant tumor possibly presents having blood in stool.
Therefore, the science regular inspection is very important! If discovery having blood in stool, cannot tow, oneself cannot distinguish clearly, should to the hospital seeing a doctor, in order to avoid causes delay the treatment.
Heat under high temperature and special populations should be strengthened to prevent hemorrhoids: As women, the elderly and children's physical weak, physical structure, special, "latent" and hemorrhoids are often opportunistic in the summer outbreak of a greater risk of suffering from hemorrhoids. To this end, Guozhu Ren made the following ways to prevent hemorrhoids to help people safely through the summer:

① the reasonable deployment of diet: the diet can be more use of vegetables, fruits, legumes and other cellulose containing more vitamins and diet, less irritation with spicy foods, such as pepper, mustard, ginger and so on.
② develop regular bowel habits: squat toilet stool, when the time is too long, or read newspapers, or too hard, these are bad bowel habits should be corrected.
③ attention to prenatal care: an increase in activity during pregnancy should be reasonable and avoid prolonged stand for a long time to sit and pay attention to maintaining smooth stool, each time with warm water after defecating anus Fumigation local, to improve the anus of local blood circulation, hemorrhoids are very useful for the prevention and treatment The.
④ keep perianal cleansing: in particular women, should always keep anal clean, warm water a day Fumigation, frequently changes the underwear, may also play a role in prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids. 
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Hemorrhoids treat tradition and modern method

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Operative treatment
The long treatment not either has formed the big mix hemorrhoids or the garland hemorrhoids, should the surgery treat. The goal is excises the blind pile either grips and so on with the seam the mechanical method to cause it embolism or to wither falls. The electricity congeals or the laser show is also very effective. Hemorrhoids acute thrombus formation, then must cut open immediately, takes out the blood clot, generally hemorrhoids do not need the specific treatment much.
In recent years presented one kind to treat in hemorrhoids' new technical - - hemorrhoids the mucous membrane link to cut the technique, also called the PPH surgery. Its theory basis is mainly based on to the hemorrhoids pathogenesis new understanding.
The PPH surgery is called “the PPH anastomat” with one kind the special instrument, escapes the hemorrhoids above rectum mucous membrane hangs the belt to make the ring-like excision. When surgery expands the anus first, (rectum and anal tube's junction demarcation line) place above the approximately 4 centimeters place ring-like sutures in the dentate line the rectum mucous membrane, then the PPH anastomat insertion anus, after tying up the sewing thread, fires the anastomat, will then escape the mucous membrane belt which hangs to excise.
This kind of surgery entire process only needs about a half hour. Because dentate line above rectum mucous membrane splanchnic nerve control, after the surgery, the patient does not have the ache feeling nearly; And because the surgery both excised the rectum mucous membrane to escape hangs the belt, also blocked the rectum terminal to move the vein end to tally finally, eliminated the root which hemorrhoids occurred, therefore the effect was quite ideal.
To some with the traditional therapy very thorny hemorrhoids, like the mix hemorrhoids, the ring-like hemorrhoids, the serious hemorrhoids escapes hangs, the prolapse of rectum and so on, the PPH surgery also has the very good curative effect. In addition, the PPH surgery has a shortcoming, is the expense is quite expensive.
The medicine, the external use medicine and paste the pharmacotherapy
The medicine, the external use medicine and paste the medicine conservative treatment to be able to improve the symptom, not only effective slow, and very difficult to eliminate the infection, is not thorough. The long-term medication spends high, has the side effect to the body.
Ultralow temperature, superhigh temperature therapy
The liquid nitrogen freezes, the laser, the microwave, the electron (including low frequency, radio frequency, electric capacity field, electricity ion to infiltrate as well as electrically operated vibration) and so on each kind of treatment instrument, its treatment principle is produces raw and cold or the thermal reaction using the ultralow temperature either the superhigh temperature, the vibration electricity ion infiltrates the biophysics effect, the electric field capacity effect and so on, thus gets up causes the infection tissue protein to coagulate, the blood vessel embolism to seal up, the electricity to burn the electricity to congeal the hematischesis, cutting, the organization to denaturate, necrosis to fall off or treatment goals and so on hardened atrophy, still belonged to hardened and the therapy for internal hemorrhoid type repetition, with the operative treatment result is similar.
The ligation, the wrap grip the therapy
Will cause the anus department blood circulation to be blocked, easy to have the extravasated blood dropsy, the ache, the bowel movement difficulty and so on.
Injection therapy
At present domestic and foreign many use the injection therapy, also pours into the medicine the blind pile internal affairs to cure hemorrhoids' method. The clinical usual use's injection mainly has the hardened atrophy medicinal preparation and dry hemorrhoids necrosis falls off the medicinal preparation two kinds. The hardening agent is suitable for various issue of hemorrhoids, at present on clinical is quite commonly used, but the medicine causes after aseptic inflammatory response vanishing, the fibrosis contraction and the squeezing action relax gradually, the blind pile easy to recur.
If the injection spot is excessively shallow, then easy to cause the mucous membrane fester mucous membrane abscess, excessively deep easy to cause the fragrant level organization to have the hardening, the dose is oversized, may cause necrosis massive hemorrhage, outside the solution permeating tooth line may cause the anus fierce ache, dropsy or the thrombus formation; After necrosis medicinal preparation amount used oversized often may cause the technique, the necrotic massive hemorrhage or the infection necrosis face shape becomes ulcer, specially widespread organization necrosis or infection, not only the treatment time is long, moreover the scar contraction may create the anal stenosis sequela.

Hemorrhoids treat the misunderstanding

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Hemorrhoids disease incidence rate reaches 70%-80%. The folk had “ten people of nine hemorrhoids” saying. However, regarding this common sickness, the people often also have many misunderstandings.
1.1 injections, never recur
This is in some irresponsible message appears frequently, what said uses the hemorrhoids hardening agent injection treatment, will not recur again. The fact is not true, sometimes the hemorrhoids hardening injection therapy, may stop bleeding for a half year, but never recurred is actually deceives people saying.
2. ten people of nine hemorrhoids, do not need to govern
This viewpoint is wrong. Does not need to treat is refers to has not displayed the symptom hemorrhoids, but once had the hemorrhage, to leave, symptoms and so on ache, actually delayed incurable, only could aggravate own pain, also caused the harm to the health.
3. hemorrhoids will have the cancer
This view causes some hemorrhoids patient to harass the heart to be sad and worried. Actually, the modern medicine Shang Mo confirms until now hemorrhoids have the cancer possibility, does not need to be for this reason anxious. However, Rectal Cancer's incipient symptoms are often similar with hemorrhoids, sometimes will cause Rectal Cancer to misdiagnose, the delay treatment opportunity, should bring to the attention.
4. hemorrhoids surgery may send the fecal incontinence
The surgery treats hemorrhoids, if doctor processes improper, when surgery damages the anus sphincter to be possible to cause the fecal incontinence, this belongs to the incident of malpractice. But so long as the method is correct, will not cause the fecal incontinence.
5. hemorrhoids easy to recur, the surgery is also useless
It is not right. Although hemorrhoids are one kind of recurrence rate high disease, but is not does not need the surgery. Some hemorrhoids symptom is serious, treatment difficulty, only then can achieve the clinical cure through the surgery, moreover, so long as after attention technique the health care, then may prevent the recrudescence.
6. the freezing treats, should the first choice
The modern freezing technology treated hemorrhoids to open a new way truly for hemorrhoids, moreover the curative effect was good. But the freezing treatment is only suitable for the hemorrhoids, moreover after the technique, sometimes because of the organization necrosis, causes the massive hemorrhage. Therefore, whether to choose the freezing treatment to decide according to the condition, the newest method is the best method not necessarily.
7. the soft-shelled turtle may treat hemorrhoids regarding varicosity mix hemorrhoids, or the hemorrhagic hemorrhoids, eats the soft-shelled turtle to have certain curative effect, but contracts the organized hemorrhoids regarding the knot, eats the soft-shelled turtle not to affect.
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