Hemorrhoids symptoms

Frequent masturbation susceptible to hemorrhoids

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Hemorrhoids is a common hemorrhoids inside the anal canal prominent diseases, men are also vulnerable to suffer. As for the reason, the traditional view that is due to sitting too long standing position, over-eating spicy foods, dry stools and other factors, so that the venous plexus near the rectum caused by poor blood, American scholars in recent years, studies have shown that men hemorrhoids formation and development great relationship with the masturbation. 

According to the American psychologist survey, young men generally have a different levels of masturbation, young women have accounted for 60% of such acts around, and some of the elderly is also because of "sexual hunger" and to masturbation. U.S. researchers found Ellen in the study, most patients have hemorrhoids masturbation habits, in particular, too frequent masturbation, and forbearance refined people who does not shoot more easily induce or aggravate hemorrhoids.
Study of its pathogenesis, Ellen pointed out: masturbation when the buttocks, perineum and surrounding tissue stimulation is very strong, and the blood supply also increases, buttocks and perineum a lot of muscle tension contraction, so that around the anus are oppressed, anal venous plexus of blood reflux were hampered by this situation to continue until the end masturbation, perianal local blood before they can return to normal.
If the sperm does not shoot tolerance during masturbation, this process will be extended. Over time, the easy to the formation of hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids hemorrhoids the occurrence and development of the play helped.
Blood in the stool may not necessarily be hemorrhoids
Some patients there blood in the stool, then considered to be suffering from hemorrhoids, in fact, caused by blood in the stool of the disease has dozens of titles as well. 

Force is characterized by bleeding hemorrhoids defecation, blood in discharge from the anus, or paper towel, blood, or blood, or showed a jet-like.
Anal fissure caused by blood in the stool, usually accompanied by pain and the amount of less. If accompanied by blood in stool mucus, tenesmus, stool frequency increased, the left lower abdominal pain and who should first consider the dysentery and chronic enteritis.
Adults, such as feces mixed with blood and mucus, and purulent secretions, odor Great Stink, accompanied by thinning stool symptoms, should be a high degree of attention to whether the rectum and lower segment colon carcinoma exist and whether they have colorectal tumorigenesis.
In addition, the symptoms of hemorrhoids is not the only blood in the stool. Hemorrhoids In addition to blood in the stool, it will also appear after the matter will be prolapse, perianal itching, mucus flow, perianal swelling and other symptoms. These symptoms can exist alone, but also can co-exist.
Therefore, the stool is not necessarily suffering from bleeding hemorrhoids, anorectal hospital as soon as possible to the professional treatment, to prevent misdiagnosis, wrong administration.
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Hemorrhoids' incipient symptoms

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The expert warned that “the dwelling male dwelling female” and so on SOHO races, do not need to sit all day at home access the net, to watch the television, certainly must foster the good habits and customs, the multi-movements, are far away from the rectum disease's puzzle.
Treats hemorrhoids to start from the first hemorrhage
The expert pointed out that hemorrhoids aetiological agent quite a lot, the long time sits, the long station, tired and so on to cause the person length of body time to be in one kind of fixed body posture, thus the influence blood circulation, causes in the pelvic cavity the blood stream to be slow and the endo-abdominal internal organs hyperemia, causes the hemorrhoids vein excessively to full, Qu Zhang, to stick out, the vein wall tensity drop causes one of hemorrhoids morbidity substantial clauses.
If the movement is insufficient, the intestines creeping motion reduces speed, excrement downward slow or because of routine constipation, thus the oppression vein, causes the partial hyperemia and the blood backflow barrier, causes the hemorrhoids vein intrinsic pressure to elevate, the vein wall resistivity reduces, may also cause hemorrhoids disease incidence rate markup.
According to the clinical observation and the statistical general survey result analysis, institution cadre, driver, sales clerk, teacher's prevalence rate is obviously high.
When clinical, I degree hemorrhoids's cardinal symptoms are an indolence row of blood, the bowel movement the drop or spurts the blood, after the bowel movement, stops naturally, the symptom will often continue several days, if will not observe carefully, has been neglected frequently by the people, this will be the hemorrhoids incipient symptoms. If used the essential remedial measure by now, may frequently the effective control hemorrhoids development.
The commonly used therapy is micro creates the indolence therapy, is small to body's damage, is restored to health quickly. Effective impediment early time hemorrhoids to specific weight hemorrhoids development, this has the health consciousness best choice.
Vigilant! Hemorrhoids cover Rectal Cancer
The hemorrhoids most prominent clinical symptoms are the bowel movement belt blood, as soon as so long as therefore mentions the proctorrhagia, the people very natural will think of hemorrhoids outbreak, but majority hemorrhoids to person's health not too serious influence, so long as did not bleed is good. Therefore contracts hemorrhoids many year patients regarding the bowel movement time the proctorrhagia did not care, relaxed vigilantly.
Hemorrhoids and the Rectal Cancer most prominent similar symptom are bloody stools, and often is the new blood. Specially the rectum polyp and Rectal Cancer early time (later period tumor hemorrhage necrosis possibly has pus bloody stool), does not have other ill besides the bloody stool, very easy to be mistaken is the hemorrhoids.
Moreover the rectum polyp or Rectal Cancer easy to oppress the rectum vein, causes the rectum vein blood backflow to be blocked, but following sends hemorrhoids. . Therefore, once meets has having blood in stool, the pruritus ani, the bowel movement rule change, the bowel movement number of times to increase and so on situations, certainly must carry on the electronic intestines mirror's inspection promptly to the specialized hospital, the diagnosis condition.

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