Clients Thoughts ...

JC - Shropshire

I went to Benaifer for help because of concern about my menopause symptoms. It was mainly my inability to think clearly and my emotions which were bothering me - I felt increasingly unable to control my moods. I did not feel 'like me' a lot of the time. This had been going on for a year, and was getting worse. I found the consultation so thorough and revealing. I felt Benaifer asked some very searching questions, and some of them shed light for me about my situation. 

After taking the remedy that she provided I felt a steady improvement in my symptoms over 2-3 months, by which time, I was back to my usual patterns. I attribute this partly to the remedy directly and partly indirectly - because I was able to think clearly again, I was able to make changes to my lifestyle which have improved my health. 

Thank you Benaifer for helping me out of what was a very distressing situation for me.

LG - Derbyshire

Having used homoeopathy for many years I was delighted by the different style of consultation Benaifer uses – I felt she got to the heart of my health issues in a much deeper, clearer way than any other homeopath I have worked with. I thus experienced a more effective and holistic treatment which made a big and fast difference to my life on all levels – from the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes. I would recommend Benaifer to anyone. 

NS - Middlesex

I started seeing Benaifer about a year ago for two pretty acute conditions – severe eczema and a stone in my throat gland. I knew that Benaifer would treat me holistically with one remedy for all of my ailments, unlike my previous homeopath who would prescribe different remedies for different ailments. The holistic approach turned out to be far better for me. However, I didn’t quite appreciate at that time just how powerful her treatment could be. Whilst I believed in homeopathy, I found it hard to figure out how one remedy could help me for a wide range of problems.

From day one Benaifer has been professional, highly supportive and extremely responsive; there were weeks when my ezcema was so bad that I would be texting or e-mailing her almost daily. It wasn’t just her homeopathic advice that I had access to as frequently as I needed, but it was the fact that she was there for me through some incredibly difficult times – this puts her in a league of her own.

The eczema has gone having had it for about 18 months and as for the stone in my throat, well that’s under control too. 

Benaifer Bhandari, Homeopath BSc (Hons)
22a Newell Road, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, HP3 9PD       07758 207644