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eSamuel Hahnemann’s discovery of the power of Peruvian Bark when sucussed and diulted, came at a time in his life when he started to become very disillusioned with the standard methods of practicing medicine, which he had been taught. 

So in reaction to the toxic and aggressive treatments of the time, Hahnemann developed the gentle, safe and effective methods which were adopted by his peers and rapidly led to homeopathy being adopted throughout Europe and in countries around the world. Today the practice of homeopathy, through it's classical principles, is truly international. 

The Law of Similars

There are two approaches to the cure of disease - the law of opposites and the law of Similars. Much of the drug therapy used in conventional medicine relates to the use of opposites, which can have good short term outcomes. The law of Similars has been known since ancient times and was mentioned by Paracelsus who coined the phrase similia similibus curantur - like cures like. 

With the body's innate ability to heal itself, a homeopathic remedy is given to stimulate the healing process and bring about recovery. The greater the degree of similarity between the symptoms that are provoked in a healthy person by the remedy and the symptoms manifested by the person who is ill, the greater the recovery will be - this is the Law of Similars.

The Single Remedy

Classical homeopathy treats the person using only one remedy at a time. Combination remedies are available but haven't been studied in the vigorous way single remedies have and therefore are a little hit-and-miss as far as thorough healing is concerned. One human, one remedy!

The Single Dose

A homeopathic remedy does not cure the patient, it merely stimulates the body into action because fundamentally we all have a self-correcting mechanism which has the capacity to maintain health. The remedy and potency is determined by the homeopath to give exactly the right amount of stimulus to get this self-correcting mechanism going again. The remedy creates the possibility of change and if change has already been initiatied by the one dose, there is no need for more and subsequent doses may disrupt the healing process.

The Minimum Dose

Less is more ... look at hormones. The control the rate of change within the body and yet are present in minute amounts. With a homeopathic remedy it doesn't take much to restore harmony to all the systems within the body.

Free Talks

These principles and much more about Homeopathy can be discussed by getting together a group and scheduling me to come along. Sharing my knowledge and experience are sure to trigger some interesting discussions.

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