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I came to Homeopathy in the early 90's when I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis which is termed, by conventional medication, as incurable. However, the thought of a life-long regime of daily medication troubled me and so whilst holidaying in India I met with a homeopath. Dr Divya Chhabra has since become homeopath to the whole family and has been my inspiration for nearly 20 years.

Whilst completing a BSc in Homeopathy, I spent as much time as I could observing experienced classical homeopaths in practise, including Divya. Most of the clients who worked with me for my case-studies in the last year of the degree, are still patients today. This says so much about the connection which is forged when one has the opportunity to share in depth in a non-judgemental space. For more about consultations click here

The special relationship which is nurtured in the consulting room and beyond is what I share with my own homeopath, so I understand the power of having someone who cares enough to walk beside you when you are unwell and most need it.

My ultimate aim with all clients is that they should develop sufficient self awareness around their state to eventually be able to know themselves when they need to take it. Empowerment through informed decisions is what it is all about, and not just in the realm of homeopathy. 

Two other areas I work in are:-
  • teaching Reiki - reconnecting with ancient, innate skills to feel empowered to bring health-giving change through hands-on healing
  • Doula (birth attendant) - helping reconnection with innate birthing knowledge so that during that sacred time the mother is totally empowered to take control of the birth, thereby increasing birthing hormones to have an effective labour

If anything you have read has sparked an interest, give me a call - I am always delighted to have the opportunity to talk about my work.

Benaifer Bhandari, Homeopath BSc (Hons)
22a Newell Road, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, HP3 9PD       07758 207644
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